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Thread: SJax Pro Bowl

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    SJax Pro Bowl

    I don't know if anyone had read but SJax is currently 5th in probowl voting for the nfc RB's behind AP, Michael Turner, Deangelo Williams, and Frank Gore. We can't stand for this. He deserves it this year the way he has played so everyone please vote for him atleast once, preferablly as much as you can. And he is a Facebook Group I have started for the same cause.

    Vote Steven Jackson for the 2010 Probowl! | Facebook

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    Re: SJax Pro Bowl

    I think the main reson he isint way up there is beacuse of his lack of touchdowns. What non-Rams fans dont realize is how he has been running. All the Rams opponents know that the Rams passing game is un-existent. Therefore all they have to do is stack the box. However what Sjax does that many other backs cant do is still fight through the defense and still is able to rack up over 100 yds pg. Not only that but the O line (has been improving) does not provide the run blocking as teams with other Elite Backs.

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    Re: SJax Pro Bowl

    he probably doesn't have much of a chance to make it by fan voting..if anything the players will help bring him in.

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    Re: SJax Pro Bowl

    Whenever you have SEVERE downtime, vote, clear your cookies and vote again.

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    Re: SJax Pro Bowl

    Jackson has been our shining star, sorry I've been kinda hard on him.

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