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    maineram Guest

    The sky IS falling !

    I absolutely, positively, love the Rams...since 1976. But with direct TV, I can finally see them every week... making all my plans around the kickoff. Shame on me for not getting the dish sooner...say back in 1999, but who knew. But now I see too much... too many flaws, not enough playmakers...on offense and defense.
    Potential is there, but not showing up on gameday.

    Opposing quarterbacks have all day !!!
    Receivers have the run of the field on most/key downs !!!
    Too many backers still over pursuing on run defense !!

    I miss Marshall Faulk when the drive is on the line !!!
    This offense just isn't clicking !!!!
    Punting is horrid !!!!
    One or a lot of the following need to step up in a big way...Furry, Arch, Claiborne, Pickett, Coakley, Fisher, Groce.
    Bulger, Mcdonald, Curtis, Timmerman, McCollum, (did I see Terrell in for most of the game??), Jackson.
    And on the sideline... Martz, Marmie !!!!
    Bottom line- Defense is not getting the job done.
    Offense is too inconsistant.

    I will still set my life up around Sundays what ever time my rams are on... but something needs to give !!!!

    Maineram -

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    Re: The sky IS falling !

    Good post Maineram I agree 100% on everything you said.

    I would like to see Marshall get a start we need some team chemistry. Even if Marshall doesn’t do better then Jackson maybe he can help provide some team chemistry. I want to see chemistry develop in a hurry for this team or our season is over. I am seriously starting to doubt that we will ever see it on the defensive side of the ball I don’t see any leaders over there. But Faulk is the type that could still be a leader on offense and help us develop chemistry.

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: The sky IS falling !

    Not to make an excuse,but not having Martz in Practice could have been a big reason things didnt run on off. as well as they could have.If Martz was at practice, it might have been enough to push us over the top.


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