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    slash penalties this year

    Last year our red zone efficiency was killed by numerous penalties and the refs just flat out laid some really big eggs during close games. Majority of the time, we moved the ball with ease but when we got into the redzone BAMM!!! false start, false start, unsportsmanlike conduct, O-pass interferrence, field goal. It was the mistakes that killed us and we couldnt rely on our D to keep teams at bay. This ultimately cost us a couple of wins, especially against the SEAWEEDS ( boy did i hate that kicker J. Brown). And we shouldnt blame the refs for loses.....cuz their a bunch of losers anyway. But we surely can fix the problems we have control of.

    Last year i felt we had a winner but at the end of close games, loosing the way we did really sucked and Being mistake proned only makes a teams goals far fetched. We'll be better moving the ball this year but the penalties should be made an item in training camp. All the bugs of the new system should now be fixed, and the players focused on excellence must be job number one!!!

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    Re: slash penalties this year

    Excellent point, there were several instances last year where we were still in the game and we shot ourselves in the foot with unnecessary penalties. You have to stop the mental mistakes. It is just as important as Linehan's philosophy of ball control and cutting down on turnovers. If we get the penalties under control that very well could equate to winning an extra game or two. Maybe it helps us win a playoff game or beyond. "

    "You have to take care of the little things and the big things will come." - to paraphrase Linehan at mini-camp.

    Go Rams!!!

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    Re: slash penalties this year

    I'm looking your way Alex...

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