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    My prediction-- This preseason means jack all for our first team offense, aside from sorting out Brian Leonard and the winner of the Center battle.

    Let's consider what's been going on the last few weeks..

    • The first team offense has tallied a grand total of six- count them six points- this preseason.
    • We've added all this talent, spent all this money on improving what was already a prolific strength.
    • Three weeks in, and our offense has come up with squat in terms of TDs, and have looked sluggish in general.
    • We've lost the two games when our starters had significant playing time.
    • The "GSOTII" has looked more like the "Greatest Checkdown Passing Offense On Turf"
    • We just paid 60 Million for a guy to throw CHECKDOWN PASSES?

    I think I read on fan state it will take us 5 weeks to get going witht the first team offense. And considering the above, it looks like cause for concern, right? Right?

    Wrong-o. There are a few reasons why I believe that the offense may be more acclimated to the system, and to each other than you'd think, and reasons why you shouldn't be panicking.

    • Steven Jackson has not carried the ball once. This is a man who led our team in rushing yeards and receptions last year. A significant part of the offense, no?
    • Randy Michmichael has played sparingly.
    • Marc Bulger iis concentrating, and I guarantee this, on on thing only-- Not getting injured.
    • The week we had indoors at training camp that was closed to the public.

    So my thesis is this is all of this 'checkdown' 'going nowhere' banter is a load of bunk. But bunk generated by a man who's no stranger to smokescreens. One Scott Linehan. Let's look at who we were "supposed" to draft last season, and the season before that. It at once stage seemed that the rams interest in Jay Cutler was indeed very legitimate, as was our interest in Ted Ginn Jr. Did this prompt Miami to take him at No.9? We can't say for sure, but I'd be hedging my bets towards 'yes'.

    The point is that what you're seeing right now is most likely strategy on the part of Mr Linehan. Because look what's happened elsewhere...

    We head to New Oreleans, who recently blew the Chiefs out of the water. Drew Brees was on fire, and the first team played hard for the entire first half. Reggie Bush looked good, and all of a sudden the entire NFL is on notice. WATCH OUT FOR THE SAINTS. Around the Horn recently had a segment asking 'whether the saints had the most prolific offense in the NFL.' The vote was 50/50 between the Saints and Colts, but their blowout win has definately attracted attention.

    So look at this- Isn't it feasible that Scott Linehan is DELIBERATELY slowing the offense down for strategic purposes? How much does he want the rest of the league to know about our offense? Perhaps thisis the reason he took the team indoors for a week of training camp. 100 degree heat became a convenience, as it provided a reason for the team to move indoors on "obvious" motives.

    What didn't we see? My bet is there's a whole lot Scott Linehan and the Rams offense have deliberately held back. How much unnecessary dirt do you want to give your opponents? In the preseason, nonetheless?

    When the Carolina pantehrs look to review our game film, what do they see? Checkdown here, Leonard Leap there, nothing massive to go into depth with. They'd be fools to think the the St. Louis Rams, with all this gunpower, would come out and check down deliberately.

    Yes, Ladies and getlemen, I believe it's all smoke. Look for this offense to have more bounce than a frog in a sock this season.

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    Re: Smoke

    excellent post. Fans dont need to be einstein to come to the conclusion that without jackson, we arent close to the same team. And yet people never seem to focus on the fact that he hasnt played.

    To me, the #1 issue (keep your fingers crossed) is that we are relatively healthy at this point of the preseason. Lets hope that we make it through the chiefs game fully healthy and ready for carolina

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Smoke

    I couldnt agree with you more B-B-Q. If i was a head coach i wouldnt want to give the opponent anything to prepare for. And as for our star players.....they're not stars because they put up huge numbers in the preseason.

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    Re: Smoke

    And heck, even though it's preseason, don't forget the Raiders already have a very, very good defense (passing defense anyway). With a better offense, it will just make that defense of theirs better.

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    Re: Smoke

    Sorry, I couldn't agree less.

    Although I do agree that winning and losing in the preseason means squat, how you look in doing so does. What I'm not sold on is that Linehan is playing this game to deceive the opposition in hopes that we'll be ignored, and then we'll somehow sneak up on them. Please, this isn't high school ball. What would that possibly gain us? So we start the season with the Panthers, and we look great doing it, then what? The rest of the league catches on to our little "ploy" and pays attention to us? You can't honestly believe that.

    I believe we're playing a vanilla offense right now, and I believe a lot of that is because Jackson isn't playing, and they're seeing what the new kid really has to offer. Also, we're playing the "protect" game as well. I remember Martz doing the same thing one year, and we started slowly out of the gate when the real games started. I don't like it. We're not so good that we can just "throw the switch" and become this overnight juggernaught on offense.

    Sure, we'll have a good offense, I've said it here before. I believe when the season is done, we'll be top 3 in offense. But I don't believe we're laying low and that we deliberately have some plan on springing this version 2 of GSOT. We're not blocking well on the line, we're not getting seperation with the recievers, we're not getting enough pressure from the interior Dline, and our LB's are still over-pursuing and tackling poorly. Can we fix it in two weeks? Maybe, but I'm sure Linehan and Haslett are a little concerned right now.
    Restoration complete

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    Re: Smoke

    But I don't believe we're laying low and that we deliberately have some plan on springing this version 2 of GSOT. We're not blocking well on the line, we're not getting seperation with the recievers, we're not getting enough pressure from the interior Dline, and our LB's are still over-pursuing and tackling poorly.
    Yes, exactly. There's no secret conspiracy here, just good old fashioned poor blocking and tackling.

    Yes, we are better on offense that this pre-season showed, especially without Holt and Jackson in there. But "getting Bulger killed" is no secret game plan for Linehan to hide his explosive offense. We're not in sync on offense, and will take a few weeks to get there. In fact, if I were Linehan, I'd play the offensive starters next week for like 3 drives. Unfortunately, in the NFL, with all the big salaries, he will be required to not play them, but at least they'll be healthy when they lose to Carolina. (yes, I'm being facetious).

    Is only our offense hiding their potential from the competition? Is our defense doing the same? If so, both sides did a great job of hiding it, especially the defense.

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