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    Re: So now,how many of you still think Martz is a genius?

    Quote Originally Posted by talkstoangels61
    And as far as you Nick! Are you trying to get on me also? If so this is not the time or place for it
    It wasn't the time or place for you to be making personal insults toward Av's profession, either. Nor was it the time or place for you to call someone out for their snide comments when you initiated such tactics much earlier in this thread yourself. Perhaps you're not the best person to tell me what is or isn't the time and place for things when you yourself seem to be rather confused on what's right or wrong on a number of comments.

    I ask to be excused by the mods for this small outburst, but there's absolutely no need for this behavior.

    Welcome to the 2015 Rams Draft Class

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    Re: So now,how many of you still think Martz is a genius?

    Let's review...

    You posted your opinion that Martz is the root of all Rams' evil, and I responded by making the point that Martz doesn't block or tackle.

    You then replied by saying that I wouldn't know anything about the game of football if it slapped me in the face.

    Obviously, you have some issue with me (though I can't imagine what it is, given that before today I can hardly remember you ever even posting on this board) so you felt the need to take a personal shot at me.

    As a Mod, I could have (and perhaps, some might argue, should have) just deleted your personal attack.

    Instead, I made light of it and of you. So you thought you could get to me by making a comment about my being a lawyer, and all that accomplished is it caused Nick to feel compelled to comment.

    Now you're claiming that you "don't attack other posters" and making some vague and cryptic suggestion that we should meet at the bash (I presume so you can show what a tough, ex-player you are).

    You know what, this is a waste of board space, and this conversation is now over.

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