Keys to the Spread Offense, that the Rams former OC, Josh MCDaniels, failed to grasp was that without a solid O-line, you turn your QB into a tackling dummy--hense why Bradford spent more time on the ground then standing up, and why J. McDaniels is nolonger the Rams OC.

In the college ranks, the defenses are not man-for-man equal to those of the NFL (normally). Considering the strength of the NFC-West, in terms of its defenses, its a recipe for disaster. Recall the Packers rely on the spread offense and things didn't turn out well for the Packers verse the 49whinners. However, with the Rams neither the Pats or the Packers had many issues dealing with the Rams--hopefully that situation has been fixed.

Of the Mad Martz system about the only plays available is the Flanker Screen, something I think T. Austin would excell at. Now if the Rams RB can catch a pass--that opens the door to a host of plays that are martzian-lol!