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Thread: So who is returning kicks tomorrow?

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    So who is returning kicks tomorrow?

    Our return man and leading receiver Ramendola went down a couple weeks ago and last week we had our prized rookie DB Jaronis Jenkins returning kicks and no doubt about it he is a playmaker have you seen his returns in college?

    But the problem is im holding my breath everytime he about to field the punt or kickoff...I am not too sure about him going forward because as ***** showed in the NFC championship game muffed punts and fumbles on punt returns can cost you an entire season

    So is there any news on who will be returning kicks for us? Is it still Jenkins?

    I would love to see Pead get on the active roster and make his presence on special teams because RB position is surprisingly deep even Ganaway looks like a keeper from his baylor days

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    Re: So who is returning kicks tomorrow?

    I'd rather let Pead return kicks even if we won't get good field position. We need our secondary to stay healthy if we want to slow down this offense.
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    Re: So who is returning kicks tomorrow?

    I'm all for giving Pead a chance to return a few punts. JJ didn't make me comfortable, and as flip noted, we don't need him going down trying to make something happen on a punt return. It'll be interesting to see if the Rams liked what they saw with JJ, or whether they'll make a change.

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    Re: So who is returning kicks tomorrow?

    I don't want to see JJ retuning kicks either. Pead or Givens would be my choice.

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    Re: So who is returning kicks tomorrow?

    I hope for goodness sakes that it's NOT Givens!!!!! I have him as my returner in Madden and he muffs punts all the damn time! I really need to change it to someone else for PR.

    On KR I just got my first return TD in a LONG time with Givens, blocking up the middle, a little crease on the left, busted to the sideline and took the quick lead to open the 2nd half against the Seachickens. He then came up huge when he grabbed a Hail Mary in the middle of the field where inexplicably there was no safety with less than 30 seconds left and I was down by 4. Givens is by far the MVP of that game.

    It was the most stressful, exciting and heart wrenching final 2:30 of a game I've ever seen. Up by 6 and I give up a bomb to Tate. I get the ball just before the 2 minute warning and the second or third play after the break, Richardson gets tackled to convert 4th down but gives up my 3rd fumble of the game. Thankfully I had all 3 timeouts left and I keep them from getting a 1st down. A FG later and I'm down to about 45 seconds left and need a TD. I heave 2 Hail Mary's incomplete. On 3rd down, I'm just praying for someone to be open as I come up to the line. Somehow, they're in a cover 2 shell and Givens is on the inside of the trips right. I aim dead center of the field and he adjusts to the ball and catches it in stride. Amendola, back in with a dislocated thumb, blocks the safety as he tries to go after Givens and he walks into the endzone. 4 and out and one kneel down later I'm walking out of the Dome a winner.

    Now if he could only do that for real this weekend, I'd be ecstatic!
    I believe!

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