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    Sodium Pentathol-Aided Post-Game Quotes

    Here's what the Rams are saying - while on Sodium Pentathol:

    Steven Jackson: "Seven carries! Seven freakin' carries! What was that bozo thinking? I thought it was bad under Martz, but geez!"

    Marc Bulger: "Man, this guy is trying to get me killed. Does he realize that Adam Goldberg is no Orlando Pace? Here's a tip, coach... don't be afraid to call a run every now and again!"

    Will Witherspoon: "Do I have to make every tackle!!?! Geez, I need help here!"

    Orlando Pace: "Maybe I should have held out for more money..."

    Leonard Little: "Three more years of this...?"

    Jim Haslett: "Man, I guess I'm not going to be in line for a Head Coaching gig."

    Scott Linehan: "I really don't know what I'm doing out there."

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    Re: Sodium Pentathol-Aided Post-Game Quotes

    Alex Barron: "OMG I didn't false start, I can't believe it...I'm so happy...mommy was right, I AM a winner!"

    Steven Jackson: "Yeah we lost, but hey at least in our all white unis I looked sexy doing it...I knew I should've gone into modeling instead of football."

    Marc Bulger: "I wonder what the record is for getting sacked the most times in a game is? Since we're losing anyway I might as well try for that..."

    Matt Turk: "*&%$#@$!# offense better pick up the damn slack...I became a punter to stand on the sidelines and collect a fat paycheck, not punt 9 damn times...they better give me a &%$#!& raise."

    Leonard Little (in the locker room after the game): "Someone please remind me why I quit drinking...I sure could use a shot or ten right now."

    Scott Linehan (sometime during the 4th quarter): "I can't wait for this game to be over so I can go home and see my honey bunny...I wonder what Martzie-Pooh is making us for dinner tonight...'m so glad we met they way we did, we're soulmates after all...Who knew the party Mike Piazza and Jeff Garcia was throwing would change my life forever..."

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    Re: Sodium Pentathol-Aided Post-Game Quotes

    Scott Linehan: I thought this was like golf, low score wins?

    Carolina Panthers: Can the Rams be moved to our divison?


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