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    Some Balzer stuff :-)

    ***** It was always a weak theory. It's just like the "Martz was outcoached in the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots because he didn't run Faulk enough" theory. It gets said by analysts immediately after it happens and then gets repeated and repeated so many times that it becomes accepted as fact.

    I call it the "pat" analysis, because it doesn't require any deeper thought or real analysis, which is needed in a game that has many elements to it. Didn't go for it? Lack of confidence in the quarterback. Didn't beat New England? Faulk didn't run enough. As if that was all there was to it. There are always many variables involved, and usually never just one reason for explanation.

    ***** (Poster) I feel like I'm being pushed into a corner here. Let me ask a simple question. Is Bulger needing to work on the deep passes or not. From what I have heard, he does. If this is not true, then the reports I have heard are bogus.

    (Howard) It would be good to read entire posts. No one has said he doesn't need to work on it. My point was directed at those who believe him getting a lot better at it is the key to the Rams offense achieving. As I mentioned, it was one of the best passing offenses in the league last year without a lot of success on deep throws. However, Bulger wasn't much worse than most quarterbacks in that regard. In Warner's good years, he wasn't much better at the deep ball than Bulger was last year. And how about the one to Holt against Carolina that Holt failed to catch?

    We're talking, at most, about 1 pass per game, on average. And the rest of my post noted that what's important is for the defense to know the Rams will try the long pass, and that in itself affects the way they play.

    *****is is really amusing. Chandler's deep ball is looking better at this point? In one minicamp? Some people saying this haven't even seen him!

    This stuff about the deep ball is so overblown. Sure, it would be great if some were hit. But the problems last year on 14 long passes sure didn't prevent the Rams passing offense from being one of the best in the NFL in a year when the ground game wasn't very good. Heck, it's as if everyone forgets that Holt led the NFL in receptions and yards!

    Bulger was near the top of the league in percentage and yards. The bottom line is that defenses respect the deep pass because they know the Rams will try it. That opens up other things in the passing game.

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    Re: Some Balzer stuff :-)

    Great stuff. Thanks, J! (I don't care if you wanna be called RamWraith)

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