Post subject: Bernie, Larry Marmies D looks just like Deadbirds D

I'm waiting for Kollar to develop a No. 1 draft choice who plays at an above-average level in the NFL.

The TV-radio boys like him because he hollers on the field and provides good sound. How wonderful.

I can't judge Marmie yet ... he didn't draft these players (underachieving DTS, undersized LBs, shortage of quality CBs) and he hasn't coached them for very long.

I came across something this week that I almost used in Saturday's "Bits" but didn't. Clark Judge of CBS Sportsline wrote of Marmie:

“The defense is in good hands with Marmie. He never gained the attention he should have in Arizona when his defenses played well despite a succession of injuries that robbed them of some of their top players. Marmie has to replace his best cornerback, Travis Fisher, but he has been down this road before. At Arizona in 2001, he lost two Pro Bowl players, including cornerback Aeneas Williams, and five linemen en route to starting 14 different combinations, yet his defense improved in almost every area -- including points -- from the previous year.”



Post subject: Did Martz really not know the score in the final 38 seconds?

I give him or anyone else credit for being awake at that hour at the end of a (yawn) meaningless preseason game.

I jump on Martz when he screws up reg-season, post-season games.

Preseason: I don't care.



Post subject: Rams RB situation

Jackson is an exciting talent.
Lamar Gordon looked very good as well in Oakland.
This is the best receiving corps they've ever had in STL.

O-line? Still concerned.
D-line? Don't trust it.
LB: a little undersized; too many mistakes (still).
CB: not enough. One guy who has proven he can cover an NFL WR.