It was a chance to sit down with Dale Carroll Rosenbloom Jr. (Chip) and get his opinions on Rams-related matters as he takes over the franchise. (Jim Thomas was also there).

This was his first interview. It was important to get him on the record on some subjects.

I hadn't been in his company for a few years and he was just as I remembered: polite, intelligent, thoughtful. A real gentleman. And he is still dealing with his mother's death. They were very close. He was by her side in the hospital virtually every day for the final 5 months of her life.

I will tell ya this for now: my feeling is that Chip and his sister will own the Rams for a quite a while. He is loyal to his parents. This was their passion and their business. Only four current families have continuously operated NFL franchises for a longer period of time than the Rosenblooms. (Halas-McCaskeys, Rooneys, Maras and Bidwill). His parents' legacy is meaningful to him. He wants to carry it on.

We'll be reporting/writing about the Rosenbloom interviews in Thursday's paper.


I was with Chip Rosenbloom and John Shaw last night in New York. Nothing in our conversation (including off the record stuff) indicated that the Rams would ask the league to overturn the outcome of Super Bowl 36.