Ram Notes:

-Pace out for the year as expected... six months to fully recover strength...

-Linehan Leaning to playing Barron at LT, and Goldberg at RT ...

-Taking a look around NFL practice squads for OT ...

-T. Fisher out 4-5 weeks with fractured forearm... Linehan says this should mean an opportunity for Bartell and/or Butler. (But Rams use so many safeties in their nickel/dime packages, don't count on much changing for those two).

-Linehan tried to use the 2005 Steelers as an example of why a team that's losing (as his is) should not give up. Except that the Steelers were 7-2 nine games into the 2005 season.

-On the 4th down call that blew up, it wasn't just the TE and the FB as the option; Holt was also dragging underneath. Of course the FB (Paul Smith) messed up on the play; Linehan said Smith should have called a timeout so save the play from a misfire.

-Linehan not second-guessing himself on that 4th down call that caused so much rancore in the STL. Says just because a play doesn't work, it doesn't mean it's bad call.

-Haslett defensive when asked about the slow starts in game -- he says they scored a TD on Seattle's first possession; we were talking about the 243 yards in the first half. Haslett says guys keep messing up their gap assignments on the run. Haslett is almost into the "shoot, we'll fix it" mode. Same things happens every week; he keeps saying it's easy to correct. OK, then get it cleaned up.

Here's Haslett's quote: "The thing that’s disturbing to me, and I talked about it last week and the week before, was the run defense. The third play of the game, they run a draw and we’ve got a guy pop the block and another guy doesn’t fit right in the run and they get a 20-yard gain on a draw. That’s ongoing, and that bothers me more than anything. We’re going to get that corrected. It’s my responsibility to get it corrected. We’re going to get this thing right, one way or another, because we have more eight-man fronts than any body in this league on the running game. And we’re not stopping anybody. That’s disturbing. We’ll get it fixed one way or another.”

Haslett doesn't sound overly excited about playing Bartell or Butler. As for the changes with Fisher out, he said, "I would think Tye would go into the starting role. Then we got to figure out who will be that nickel back, whether we’ll move Corey there or play Ronnie Bartell or JB or somebody. We’ll talk about that tonight and tomorrow.”



On why Butler hasn't been playing:

Haslett absolutely hates Jerametrius Butler.



His view on Linehan:

What confuses me about Linehan is that he preaches one thing but really does the opposite -- I'm talking about his stated desire to run the ball and have balance. He's almost as pass happy as Martz was ... except his passing system seems to be pegged on checkdowns rather than attacking downfield.