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    Some more thoughts on the game

    Only the first preseason game, but a number of things stood out to me....

    1. Bulger was locking on to his receivers. This is somewhat understandable in the first pre-season game, but he needs to atone for this immediately in the next game. Not good for our veteran QB to be making QB 101 mistakes.

    2. Defense looked impressive. The concerns at corner aren't as big of an issue if the Defense is getting pressure. It makes the CB's job easier.

    3. D' Lewis was all over the place. If he can somehow start playing like a first round draft pick, the D' Line is in great shape.

    4. Linebackers. Problem solved. Gone from a weekness to a strength. (I know it's only 1 pre-season game, but they played excellent.) Perhaps Coakley didn't stand out, but he looked OK, and we've got Chillar, etc... to fill in if he isn't what he used to be.

    5. At first I thought the O'line was in bad shape, but that was before I saw that Big O and Barron were not in there. Can't even judge until they get these guys going.

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    Re: Some more thoughts on the game

    Right now Barron is the backup LT. Sure hope that changes soon.

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    Re: Some more thoughts on the game

    Well, I was pleased with the first defensive unit and also how the coverage teams played. Stephen Jackson looked like he's going to have a great year and that he isn't afraid of hitting anyone.

    Mainly though, Manu as the FB was rather impressive.


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