Most Passes Had Intercepted, Game
8 Jim Hardy, Chi. Cardinals vs. Philadelphia, Sept. 24, 1950
7 Parker Hall, Cleveland vs. Green Bay, Nov. 8, 1942
Frank Sinkwich, Detroit vs. Green Bay, Oct. 24, 1943
Bob Waterfield, Los Angeles vs. Green Bay, Oct. 17, 1948
Zeke Bratkowski, Chicago vs. Baltimore, Oct. 2, 1960
Tommy Wade, Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, Dec. 12, 1965
Ken Stabler, Oakland vs. Denver, Oct. 16, 1977
Steve DeBerg, Tampa Bay vs. San Francisco, Sept. 7, 1986
Ty Detmer, Detroit vs. Cleveland, Sept. 23, 2001

6 By many players

Name 1 of the many players that has thrown 6 pics in a game?

Bonus Question:
Who was the last QB to throw six Interceptions in a single game against the Panthers in Carolina while the regular starting QB was hurt and will probably start next week against the Cardinals and is almost 40 years old?