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    Some Statistics so far...

    I did some research on just for the heck of it, and here are some vital/interesting statistics thus far.

    One thing I noticed, we are tied for the fewest penalties in the league (7) with Kansas City. We also have the fewest penalty yards at 45.

    We are +4 in the turnover ratio, behind only the Dolphins at +5.

    The rush defense is 14th in the NFL at 88 yards per game. Not too bad.

    Those are definitely positives... but the reasons for those stats could be as follows:

    We are currently 29th in points scored (13/game), 31st in pass yards per game and run yards per game (116 and 45), and dead last in total yards per game (161). We are only at 27% on third down conversions and only five other teams have a lower time of possession that us (27:12).

    Now be sure to take this for what it is worth... not much, but there could be a trend here. Stats are always skewed in the preseason, but we can probably get a few things from this. One thing that pops out immediately is how low we are on yardage. Of course the conservative offense/playcalling is to blame for that. Being so "careful" is also leading to less penalties. That's fine, but I think it is showing the team is afraid to take a chance.

    I remember my junior year in high school we had a coach that would make us run for every penalty we got in a game. In one game we were facing North Jackson, a powerhouse that was bigger, stronger, faster, and just an incredible team. They beat us easily, but we had no penalties for that game. Why? Well, we were coached to never commit a penalty... so we tried too hard to avoid penalties rather than just playing football. It was always in the back of our minds "If I get a penalty here, the whole team is going to have to run." We lost every game that year. It wasn't just because of us trying to avoid penalties, but it had a small part. (On a side note, we went 8-2 the next year and made the playoffs )

    I have been wondering since week one if the coaching staff is just scared to death of the players (especially the young ones, and especially Bradford) making mistakes. There is just no other reason I can think of as to why the playcalling has been this conservative, it has got to be because they do not want Bradford to make mistakes this early. I can understand that, but there seems to be a point where you have to stop worrying about making tons of mistakes, start having fun, and just play football. I really hope I see that out of the Rams tonight... no matter the score, no matter the situation, just go out there and play!

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    Re: Some Statistics so far...

    I knew we had to be in the top on turnover ratio with us getting and not throwing interceptions. Its only preseason so I can't wait to see if we can continue this on defense. I wish wins counted because we already tied last years total.

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