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    Some thoughts from the Dome

    Hey guys, on Saturday my dad and I were trying to decide what game to go to this year. As I was looking at the schedule a few games jumped out at me, the December 26th game vs the Niners, the game vs the Panthers, and naturally the game vs the Seahawks yesterday. I told him the Seattle game will be awesome, and I went to StubHub to look for tickets. Biy was I surprised when I found 4 tickets on the second row in the endzone for $45 a piece! So on Sunday morning we loaded up the car with my teenage sister, eight year old brother, yours truly (home from college for the weekend), and my dad and made the three hour trip to the Lou. So after driving home, then driving to back to college, then going to classes all day, here are my thoughts from the Dome watching the Seahawks played the Rams...

    1. When this Dome is Rockin, Don't Come a Knockin.

    I have been to a handful of games, and for once the Dome was actually loud. This could have to do with my upgrade from my usual nosebleed residence to the sideline, but I believe it was from our fans supporting a very competitive product.

    Back in the early 2000's the TWA was one of the hardest places to play, and I think The ED can be just as supportive of Sam and the crew. You could really feel the players feeding of the crowd's energy, and I believe the fans should feel proud of helping out their team.

    2. Steven Jackson is a warrior.

    We could tell that Jackson wasn't 100%, heck probably not even 80%, and I even told my sister not to expect to watch him the entire game. Well Jack toughed it out in a crucial game, when he couldn't even take full strides. People that want to see him traded or think he is over rated just don't understand what football is about. I really like how the officials stopped the game to allow us to honor Steven for being the great Ram that he is.

    3. Sam Bradford is the real deal.

    Sure its been said over and over, but if yu get a chance to watch this kid play, jump at it. The poise and steadiness he brings is amazing. And no longer am I worried about our passing game, as I informed my dad "there is a new QB in town". Some of his passes to the sidelines were outstanding.

    4. Danny Amendola is the stud we all knew he was.

    What a tough little SOB. I mean the kid is dwarfed by the guys out there, but no one is playing harder than Danny boy. His catch speaks for itself.

    5. Pete Carrol needs to coach the Seahawks for a long, long, time.

    Some of his calls were downright absurd. The wide receiver pass on third and one was a head scratcher, sure it worked, but you have to make sure you get the first down there IMO. We thought the "fake" field goal had to be a botched snap or something. Who fakes it in that situation. You're playing with the big boys now Pete, that crap ain't gonna fly.

    6. Steve Spagnuolo needs to be the coach of the Rams for a long, long, time.

    The players are really buying in to what Spags is preaching, and it is starting to pay off. I'm sure some people were upset for settling for a field goal at the end of the half, but come on, we only have 3 timeouts, and we had to save on for the field goal unit. I'm not risking three points in a then close game with only 9 seconds left. Also as the game was winding down, it was 3rd and long in the red zone, and O could just hear some guys in on Clan Ram yelling to go for the TD. Instead he made the smart call that wins football games; a run, use up more clock, kick the field goal, make it a three possession game. A no brainer, but sometimes I wonder about a few of you.

    7. If your at the Dome and sitting in the second row, cheer.

    Just have to say the dude next to me must not have been a Rams fan. He acted like he knew people around him, but not once did he cheer, he was more concerned with his cell phone. Maybe he was trying to act cool in front of his girl friend, but no dude, you just made yourself look like a douche. There lesson over, don't act like him Clan. Cheer until you can't talk the next day, its worth it!

    8. $$$

    Concessions still cost an arm and a leg, but hey, we have a 50 million dollar QB to pay for!

    9. Renovated

    The improvements to the Dome were subtle, but really added to the experience. The new jumbo screen was quite the improvement, unfortunately it was at my back, but the smaller one did the job just fine. It was considerably brighter in there, no more doom and gloom. And while they need to show more replays on the video screen, they made up for their shortcomings by playing an awesome movie montage in the fourth quarter that got everyone on their feet. Had parts of Al Pacino's Any Given Sunday Speech, a little Varsity Blues, some Gladiator, John Belushi from Animal House and some other classic lines from some presumably well know shows that are before my time. Hey sounds a little corny, but it did its job, pretty sure they went three and out after it played.

    10. Victory!

    The six prior games that I went to all had one thing in common. I watched a Rams loss. Boy did it ever feel good actually cheering at the end of the game. It was a long time coming boys and girls, but it was worth it. Lets rally behind our boys and support them, because believe it or not I believe these guys can win this division. This year is our year! LETS GO RAMS!

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    Re: Some thoughts from the Dome

    Nice Nice I will be attending a game in STL shortyl

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    Re: Some thoughts from the Dome

    Last year I watched the Rams get their only win in Detroit and you are totally right the feeling of winning cant be replaced by anything.

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