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Thanks for the warning.

Seriously, congrats on the 13,000th!

You bring up some excellent points. My caution if you will is that as RAMS fans, myself included, we tend to overrate our players. I agree that we have some can't miss guys, Bradford, Lauranitis, Jackson to name a few but there are others that are very questionable especially from an outsiders point of view. That's just it we're not outsiders and it's very hard to give an honest and unbiased grade to all of our players. The word potential is always in our minds because they are our guys.

Going into this season we all knew we had a brutal schedule but being winless at this point of the season wasn't ever part of the discussion. Which brings me back to my ramble about overrating our own players. I'm as guilty as the next RAMS fan.

The question that is heavily in my mind is what does it really take to be a winner in the NFL?

Look at the Whiners...basically the same team as last season with the exception of a new headcoach. Does that mean they had the talent all along but the wrong leader? Is that our problem? Or do we have the right leader but not enough talent? It's a tough one to answer.
That's the problem with being on a losing streak streak for so long ... you see a couple of bright spots and they naturally tend to become fan favorites.

Maybe we overrate players that tend to overachieve for and underachieving team. Then again, we sometimes even underrate players who may be victims of a losing team/losing system.

Looking at the Lions, *****, Bill and Raiders, you know that the entire team wasn't a reflection of their prior records. Hopefully we'll see something positive in the latter half of the season from our Rams that could point to an equivalent turnaround for the Rams next season.

I'm not expecting a miracle against the Cowgirls though The way some of you hate on the 9ers, that's how I hate on the Cowgirls.