......For a few games now I've been looking for a captain-leader on the field this year and have yet to see it here with this team!
In the days of old we always had kind of a leader for to say stepping up and basically being a somewhat player coach! AKA Marshall Faulk!....Since his departure of the everyday go to back i haven't seen the fire in neither his nor any other of our veteran player's!
We really need someone to come forth here and have Team meetings if need be to right the wrong this year!
Ike,Torry,Marc,Marshall,Leonard etc. have not even showed me a spark of old at all! To me it's as if they are not even worried about this season any more!
I thought I'd never see this if any of our veterans here MF,IB,TH,LL,MB!..............Men your gonna half to set an example the rest of the year for your teammates!
hey with all the new faces and rookies here it might just be the prescription the Dr. ordered!
Quit fighting and worrying among st each other and pull together and give the rest of the NFL hell for the remainder of the year!!!!!!!!!.............Hey we all believe in ya' so you as a team need to get that swagger back you had not so long ago! It's time to show the rest of the League who AMERICA'S TEAM really is!...........After all men! aren't you still the same MEN and PLAYERS you used to be?....................Like wine you should get better!!!!!!!!!!!! With time!!!!!!! WHOOYA'...... GET BUSY!!!!!