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    Someones perception on Spags

    This was found on the Broncos board. Great read and pretty honest.

    A Giants Fan Here RE: Steve Spagnuolo
    As much as I'd hate to see him go, diehard Giants fans realize it's inevitable and I think he'd be an excellent hire for the Broncos. The sentiments seem to be "best if he goes to the AFC" so we don't have to play against him. Of the open jobs right now, Giants fans are hearing Mangini will take the CLE job, the DET job isn't tempting to anyone and Spags came off as "unprepared" for the Jets interview.

    I know he has only been in NY for 1 year, but he has made a instant and lasting positive impression. And that's no small feet, considering most Giants fans were highly skeptical of an inexperienced position coach from our rival Philadelphia Eagles. But Spagnuolo won us over quickly, always being a cool, stand-up guy who clearly communicates well.

    Of course, the NFL is the ultimate results-oriented business, and Spags has backed up his leadership act on the field. He replaced a DC (Tim Lewis) who ran hot and cold and immediately brought consistent excellence to the unit, which featured much of the same personnel.

    A little dirt on the "unimpressive interview" stuff:

    I'm not privy to the DEN details but I know what happened with the Jets. They liked him, but they were looking to be "wowed" and Spags didn't "wow" them. Specifically, they currently run a 3-4 defense and Spags openly admitted he wasn't ready to make any kind of definitive statements about their personnel without looking at more tape.

    He said similar things AFTER he was hired by the Giants. You could debate how important it is for the coach to know your personnel before you hire him - if you trust him to fix it, you trust him to eventually watch as much film as he wants before he's completely comfortable. Expecting a coach on a Tom Coughlin staff to be anything but focused on his current task at hand is just plain dumb. He was interviewed 4 times last week, how the heck can he be expected to be ready if they want to talk deeply and specifically about personnel?

    Spagnuolo has a very specific scheme in mind and he knows the types of players he wants. You are hiring his ideas, his schemes and his leadership abilities (which are tremendous - ask anyone of his players in NY). He is a great motivator. Again, guys love playing in his schemes. And he doesn't seem old at all, he's very current, hip and has that Italian tough-guy streak that the players respond to and respect. I can't recall a coach who's done a better job of being both a "players coach" and a disciplinarian at the same time.

    Like I've said, I'm sitting here smiling in the corner, hoping all the teams use the "unimpressive interview" stuff to hire other candidates. That means we get to keep him another year. And he'll get Osi Umenyiora back. To the guy who asked "short term fix" or not, no, you'll never want him to leave. He earned a lifetime pass on the Giants staff the minute he held Tom Brady (and Josh McDaniels) to 14 points in the Super Bowl.

    Offensively, it's all speculation but I think, as a defensive guy, he'd try to bring in a ball control offense that takes shots down the field, similar to what the Giants run. He's seen that the combination of that O and his D can win a Super Bowl, something that hasn't worked with a WCO and J.J.'s D in PHI.

    Spagnuolo would prefer running ball control to compliment strong defense and special teams.

    If the Broncos hire Spagnuolo, they will have one of the top defenses in the NFL very quickly. He will take Bulter and Pierce with him. He'll take an impact DE, CB or S with the 1st round pick. And he'll show you that he's an excellent teacher with a greaty system that the players LOVE playing in.

    He just has an aura of invincibility, like he's always under control, ahead of the game and knows what to do. His in-game adjustments are apparent and effective. And his now 2 years being groomed under Tom Coughlin - one of the most knowledgable football men in the world - certainly doesn't hurt, either. 7 years under Jim Johnson (and Andy Reid). 2 years under Tom Coughlin. 9 years in the NFC East. He knows a thing or 2 about being a head coach and what it takes to win in the NFL.

    The Hallmarks of the new, improved Spagnuolo defense are simple:
    Stuff the run and send the QB home in a body bag. And usually that's exactly the way it goes.

    Most of the time for the last 2 years, Giants fans leave the games thinking "damn, what a great defensive gameplan". Fun to watch.

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    Re: Someones perception on Spags

    so this is suggesting that if we did get Spags that Butler and Pierce would come over with him?

    well that sorts out the SS and MLB positions, allowing Spoon to move to OLB
    i still think its key that whatever HC we get that we keep hold of Bartell and Atogwe

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    Re: Someones perception on Spags

    he started out as a "eh", but as i learned more about the candidates, Spags steadily creeped up my personal HC draft board to the top of my list... and that was before reading this guys take.

    good read. of course, if a Rams DC was the catalyst to a SB victory and followed it with a stout performance the following year... I'd be singing praise and wouldn't want him to be hired out to a different team after the following season either.

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    Re: Someones perception on Spags

    Spags have been my nr 1 HC wish all the time. I still hope he will end up with us.

    I like the way he always is focused on the sideline and how he seems to interact well with the players.

    And offcourse I like the results he has archeived with the Giants even with injuries and with Strahan retiering. The quoted Giant fan is totally right that the Giants D was nothing before spags came in. He took a handfull of rookies + nonames and a few stars and made them perform good enough to win it all. I can remember how surprising it was for everybody how much all the D players stepped up when needed and I think much of the honor for that should go to the DC.

    But at the end of the day much depends on if the Rams want to stay in a 4-3 or go to a 3-4 defence I guess.

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