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    Something to (kind of) be Optimistic about

    Chris Long and James Laurnitis

    If you translate James's Numbers. He is going to have a better year than Jerod Mayos rookie year last year (he was the rookie of the year).

    Chris Long had almost the exact same rookie season as Mario Williams. And even though he does not have any sacks this year, tackles wise if he keeps it up he will have a better second year than Mario. And again not sacks wise just tackles.

    Just trying to keep my head up. I want to make sure that those two positions are filled for more than just a few years by these to players.

    Now we just need one more OL, DL, LB, CB, playmaking Safety, and a couple of WR.

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    Re: Something to (kind of) be Optimistic about

    watching the game , this was the biggest positive that I saw.

    Chris Long looked good and the defense looked OK again.

    Besides Bartell getting beat right after SPags gave him a tounge lashing, you have to be happy in the direction the defense is going .

    Fells has the Cooley type feel where he can block and catchin from the H/TE type spot.

    I was a Bulger fan telling all my friends(non-ram) fans how good he was and how he should have been starting over trent green anyday.

    Today, I have offically given up on Bulger and actually like Boller as a better option in the game.

    Boller has a stronger arm to get the ball down the field when defenders are flying in his face.

    Sometimes I think it is our OL, but not that much.

    So, is it Teabow, Bradford, or McCoy, lol ?

    Will will be picking 5 or 6 again. KC, Clev, and Oak make us look good but too bad they are all in the afc and we don't play any of them.

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    Re: Something to (kind of) be Optimistic about

    I have high hopes for Long and Laurinitaus. they both are physically ready, they just need to learn the NFL and gain some experiance. I think in three years they will be our two best defensive players.............. hopefully.

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    Re: Something to (kind of) be Optimistic about

    I think Laurinaitis has a good shot at being defensive rookie of the year. He's been a great player so far and he's only going to improve.

    Chris Long is a little different. He is around the ball, and that's a great thing. But like the REST OF THE LINE, we need pressure on the QB out of them.

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    Re: Something to (kind of) be Optimistic about

    And at least Cogs didn't get any personal fouls for the 2nd straight game...

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    Re: Something to (kind of) be Optimistic about

    I think there's plenty to be optimistic about.And the play of Lau & Long are just a part of it.

    The run D continues to improve. Grant's 99 yd total was padded by 25 yds on 5 carries on the last drive of the game,ie garbage time. When the game was a contest, The Rams held him to 74yds on 21 carries, the longest was 17 yds. That's two games in a row that we have contained good runners. Whether that constitutes a trend or not remains to be seen but, especially since the LBs were often dropped into coverage, I really liked the DL's stoutness there.

    The Rams have gone from allowing 15 of 30 3rd down conversions in the first two games to 2/9 in this game. That will pay off in the long run if they can maintain it.

    The Rams ARE becoming a smashmouth team. GB knew The Rams would run SJ, especially after losing the starting QB and #1 WR early on, but we continued to grind out yards. That totally changed some important stats in the game such as time of possession and starting field position; we had a 5 min deficit vs The Hags and a 10 min deficit vs The Skins. With a week to prepare, I think Shurmur can do a better job of prepping the QB and using Boller's strengths to get those critical 3rd & shorts we missed in the second half.

    Amendola got a serious workout & showed he can contribute significantly on STs at the least. Coverage on STs was excellent. Eliminate the mistakes & this unit will become a recognized strength in all facets for the first time in years.

    Goldberg's early gaffes may have serious repercussions for our short term prospects but otherwise I thought the OL, esp inside, was impressive against their first 3/4 opponent and a massive DL. Bell,Brown, and Cogs are becoming a solid unit as we all hoped they would be from the start.

    Overall, the mental toughness displayed by holding GB to 3 FGs early on was really encouraging. No way would that have happened last year. And even the huge plays made on Fletcher and Bartell can't obscure for me how well the DBs did against a really talented group of WRs. With Rodgers buying all kinds of time with his legs, The Rams held up well without their field general, J Butler. Both Little's sacks were far more of the coverage variety,imo.

    Burton and Fells are starting to flash the ability that had us all excited about their potential last year. I think Avery's struggles are more a failure of Shurmur's. The only good thing about Robinson's injury is that DA may now get a chance to actually be used in a manner that will showcase his strengths,rather than exaggerate his weaknesses.

    Injuries may slow down the rate of improvement even more but ,after watching this game twice- once live and again on Rewind , I think we can hope for our first victory very soon.

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