as opposed to amusing, (like TR's posts).

Anyway, checked out the roster on the Rams website, and was impressed to see Cook's inclusion, and photo (in Rams colors), already there. Jackson and Gibson are still there, Amendola and Mikell are not - yet all 4 are in different situations. Breaking news, huh - but you'd be amazed how out of date that roster has been over the years. Point being, people are paying attention to detail at Rams Park. ('Course, maybe not as closely as before, given we don't have a new eqiuipment manager).

I DO wonder why everyone doesn't have a photo. Granted, the "no photo available"'s are usually 3rd string or practice squad, but still - they're on the roster.

Do we actually have young potential at linebacker, or are Brown, Hull, and Williams just good ST'rs?

Speaking of which, Haggan is listed at 275 lbs. That's a big linebacker - (maybe with speed to match?) = on the bench.

Wonder what's going on with Turner? Hope Rams keep him.

If you turned Scott Wells upside down, he'd look like 'lil Orphan Annie.

Rams have a lot of decent D lineman - think we're set for awhile.

Rams have a lot of (Space left blank intentionally) O lineman.

I think (one of) our long term answer(s) at Safety is already on the team.

OK - that's it for today. Stay tuned for the next installment of...
"I just don't feel like working right now". Cheers.