By Mike Freeman, CBS Sports

Jeff Fisher continues to contemplate coaching the Rams or the Dolphins though it is increasingly looking like Fisher has all but made a decision.

A source close to Fisher says the former Titans coach is "95 percent certain" he's going to accept offer from Rams. An official decision could come as early as Monday, the source said. (Though my guess is the Rams would announce it on Tuesday so as not to interfere with news from national championship game.)

Now, there's a caveat here, and it's a big one. It's the wallet of Miami owner Stephen Ross. It's very possible Ross makes a huge, final offer that could sway Fisher. So far, a source says, that hasn't happened.

But that doesn't mean it won't and that's the only reason, I'm told, it's not a totally done deal. Fisher is waiting for the final word from Ross.

A source also confirmed Fisher has a fear the Rams might move to Los Angeles though that isn't said to be a deal-breaker.

But everything continues to point to Fisher coaching the Rams with the Ross wallet being the only possible hangup.


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