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I was google imaging "Steve Spagnoulo" and a picture titled "Spagnoulo A Bad Choice, Looking At Recent History" caught my attention. I clicked on it, leading me to Denver fan forum. This is what the poster had to say
"I think Steve Spagnoulo is not the right choice for denver. Two things here. One, I am a Denver fan living in new york city, so I know the Giants very well. Steve was not responsible for getting any of those giant dline players. All he did was come in and coach them for a few years. He did a great job at that. Steve has no previous success in drafting and developing talent. Is that OK with you fellow Bronco fans? Do you all trust Jim Goodman and Brian Xanders to get it done in the personnel department? That has really been the biggest problem for us on defense.

The other interesting thing is that D coordinators or defensive "geniuses" have hardly turned around defenses when they got the head coaching job. Two very recent examples are, Tony Dungy and Marvin Lewis. Dungy's defenses in Indy were very weak, still are. The only reason he won was, MANNING. Marvin Lewis was a Defensive mastermind coming from the 2000 ravens team. He had one of the most explosive offenses in the Bengals, with Carson Palmer. The Bengals still have a horrible defense. The point is that it is very hard to turn around defenses without an elite personnel department. Steve will coach the defense better, but he is not a talent evaluator. Shanny was, in offense."
I do not believe this is true.
-Osi Uminyiora and Strahan both won't playing yet he still had a productive Defense
- Put Brady on his a** 5 times in the SB
- Made Corey Webster into a good CB and justin Tuck a beast
- and more,

reading futher into the thread alot of broncos fan were opposed to the thread title, saying Spags is a DC etc, etc..

Another thing i found intresting was a fan said: there is more success at DC to HC (Jack Del Rio, Mike Tomlin, Mike Smith, Tony Sparano,Lovie Smith, John Harbough) rather than OC to HC which was Sean Payton. He then continued "In fact the only succesfull offensive minded coaches were: Mike, Shanahan, John Gruden, Mike Holmgren, Andy Ried" I do believe others Bellicheat on Dungy.

I don't like to bring a negative attitude, but i felt that i should post this. Besides is a denver fan...what to they know, lol

Hopefully Spags can turn this thing around with all the potential we have...

GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!