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    Spagnuolo Isn't Ready To Panic

    Spagnuolo isn't ready to panic

    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    With a season-opening schedule of Philadelphia and the New York Giants, who have combined to win nine of the past 11 NFC East titles, it's not necessarily surprising that the Rams are 0-2. It's more how they've gotten there.

    "We're certainly not where we want to be, record-wise or performance-wise," coach Steve Spagnuolo said Tuesday, after reviewing tape of the Rams' 28-16 Monday night loss to the Giants. "But I will say this, we've always said this: It's not about how you start, it's how you finish. Now, you can only use that saying for so long because then you start running out of games."

    Although concerned, Spagnuolo isn't about to panic, and he speaks from the vantage point of someone who was defensive coordinator of a Giants team in 2007 that lost its first two games— giving up 80 points in the process — and went on to win the Super Bowl. No one, Spagnuolo included, is saying that's going to happen here. But he's not giving up on the season, either, not three weeks into September.

    "We'll just forge ahead," Spagnuolo said. "We've got some good coaches here and we've got some good players. Nobody here is going to feel sorry for us. We're not going to feel sorry for ourselves. And we're going to go back to work."

    So he's locked into the task at hand, namely, addressing a long laundry list of areas that need improvement and preparing for another formidable foe this Sunday in the visiting Baltimore Ravens.

    "What we intend to do is learn from what's happened so far and move forward," Spagnuolo said. "That's just how we operate and what we'll do. There are certain things that are very visible, that being turnovers and penalties."

    He could add numerous other entries to the "very visible" list, such as red zone ineptitude, dropped passes and just plain dumb football. Falling into the latter category would be what happened to running back Cadillac Williams when he couldn't hang on to a backwards pass from quarterback Sam Bradford and then became a spectator as Giants linebacker Michael Boley scooped up the ball and raced 65 yards for a second-quarter touchdown.

    As of Tuesday afternoon, Spagnuolo said he still hadn't talked to Williams about the play. That is, not counting Spagnuolo's sideline "lecture" immediately after the play. Other than players needing treatment, Tuesday was a day off for them.

    During his postgame media session Monday at MetLife Stadium, Spagnuolo gave Williams the benefit of the doubt, saying that perhaps the team hadn't worked on or discussed what to do in such situations. However, any such benefit of the doubt was removed Tuesday.

    "I do know this, in talking with the offensive coaches, we did review that last week," Spagnuolo said. "So it was just one of those plays in the game we didn't cover up or execute like we should have. And it resulted in a big play for them."

    There were other issues that were all about coaching and use of personnel. Why, for example, wasn't Danario Alexander used more? With just three receptions, Alexander accounted for 122 yards — or one-third of the Rams' yardage against the Giants — and scored the team's only touchdown.

    "Danario obviously had a good game," Spagnuolo said. "You guys know how I feel about him and how tough a guy he is, and it's great to see.When a guy performs at a certain level and deserves a little more playing time, we'll do that."

    But Spagnuolo issued another reminder that Alexander's chronic problems with his left knee, which has undergone five operations, complicates the picture.

    "If you were going to commit to putting a guy out for a lot of plays, or all the plays, that means you've got to do it in practice," Spagnuolo said. "Danario has a different issue with his knee. We want to get him to the game. And you've got to have him ready, both reps (and health). So we do that balancing act every week, and hopefully we'll do it the right way this week and he'll get in there and make those same kind of plays."

    Spagnuolo says the coaching staff and the medical staff try to monitor the number of snaps Alexander gets in practice during the week. Because of that, he might not be included in certain packages or personnel groupings on game day.

    "Danario has been a backup to this point which means he gets a couple of reps on the (scout) team," Spagnuolo said. "Because if he doesn't, somebody's got to get 'em. So we're balancing all of that and all of the reps that you've got to get through the course of practice."

    In doing so, Spagnuolo said the Rams also want to make sure they have Alexander for the long haul of a 16-game season.

    "I don't want to wear somebody out, and then all of a sudden not have him be able to do anything three weeks from now," Spagnuolo said. "So it's not that easy. But I tell you what, again, I go back to Danario who I give a lot of credit to. He fights through all of this, and he wants to go. He's a competitor and we like that about him."

    Also in the area of coaching decisions was the sight of Quinn Porter returning kickoffs Monday instead of Jerious Norwood. Porter, signed off the Cleveland practice squad, didn't join the Rams until last Wednesday. Norwood certainly wasn't overtaxed Monday at running back; he had only three carries (for 8 yards) and wasn't targeted once in the passing game.

    So why use Porter? He fumbled one kickoff, backing up the Rams to their 7-yard line to start a second-quarter possession.

    "Jerious going in was the second back, and actually with Cadillac (Williams) tweaking his hamstring we wanted to be careful there," Spagnuolo said. "And that was really the biggest reason."

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    Re: Spagnuolo Isn't Ready To Panic

    Cadillac tweaked a hammy before the game ? That explains why the explosion that was so evident vs Philly wasn't there in NY.

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    Re: Spagnuolo Isn't Ready To Panic

    Spagnuolo Isn't Ready To Panic, I am!

    It's Jim not Chris

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    Re: Spagnuolo Isn't Ready To Panic

    Quote Originally Posted by LA Rammer View Post
    Spagnuolo Isn't Ready To Panic, I am!
    The point is we've waited on Linny in this same manner. Waiting for the Rams to show signs of becoming one of the elite ballclubs in the league. Either you're one of the elite or you're a scrub. How long must we wait to see a change.
    Spags has got lot splaneing to do!
    Last edited by dgr828; -09-22-2011 at 04:53 PM.

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    Re: Spagnuolo Isn't Ready To Panic

    Im with LARammer, I'm so ready to Panic!!!!!!!!!!!! 0-3, 0-4, damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Spagnuolo Isn't Ready To Panic

    Quote Originally Posted by LA Rammer View Post
    Spagnuolo Isn't Ready To Panic, I am!
    Panicking is never the solution to anything. It's best to keep calm and think carefully through your thoughts (at least that's what I do).

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