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Unfortunately for Shurmur, his "choice" to back up Jackson will probably have to be made more off of fiscal factors than by his "wants". that being said, yes it will be interesting to see who the Rams have in the backfield behind SJ.

given the financial plight of the team in relation to needs, boy it sure would be nice to see Brian Leonard play up to potential and help justify all the high draft pick funds that have headed his way. if not, its just more precious cap space that will have to be used to acquire a viable running threat behind SJ. since the HC and OC want to get bigger though... maybe its already too late.

go Rams!
I agree I also would love to see Leonard live up to his potential, IMO we still should draft a mid-round "change of pace" type RB , I personally like Tyrell Sutton from Northwestern he has jukes and can catch.