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    Arrow Spags/S. Jackson/J. Smith Interviews - 7/31/09

    Post Practice 3- Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo-July 31, 2009

    (On how OT Jason Smith looked at his first practice this afternoon)

    “I saw so many skill guys running around, it’s hard to see the big men. I’ll have to look at the film, but the couple of peeks I took at him, I was pleased. There wasn’t anything I was disappointed with.”

    (On how excited he was to have Smith at the first team practice)

    “It was great to have them all here. (Executive Vice President of Football Operations/Chief Operating Officer) Kevin (Demoff) did a great job and (General Manager) Billy (Devaney) did a great job, and that’s all part of it, to put all the pieces together, and it really helped us out a lot.”

    (On if he felt this practice was a good start to the practices)

    “Almost there, I’ll probably never be completely pleased. They gave good effort, it was a quick 85 minute practice. The challenge will be tomorrow when they get a little longer. We have not had a practice, I don’t think, throughout the offseason past two hours, but we will tomorrow.”

    (On the grueling camp everyone expected)

    “Maybe my perspective is wrong, it won’t be that hard. No, we’ll get after it tomorrow and see what happens.”

    (On his first impression of RB Steven Jackson)

    “I thought he was great when he came through the door two days ago. He was on the treadmill at 10 o’clock one night before we even started, so I think he’s ready.”

    (On his first impression of the wide receivers)

    “I thought they stood out and did some good things. I saw Brooks Foster make a big catch, I saw some other guys catch the football. We have a long way to go and we have our eye on every position.”

    (On OT John Greco not practicing)

    “He did not go today. He cramped a little bit so he did not go in today’s practice, but he’ll be ok tomorrow.”

    (On if there are any other injuries)

    “No, just nicks and things but nothing of significance.”

    (On WR Ronald Curry and an early read on his performance)

    “Nothing to discourage us. I thought he caught the ball as a punt returner pretty well, so we’ll keep our eye on that.”

    (On whether or not OT John Greco cramped after the run this morning)

    “Yes, it was just a precaution.”

    (On how impressed he was with the hands of his wide receivers)

    “If they are catching the ball, their hands are ok. I worry more when they drop them.”

    (On what he feels going through his first full practice)

    “I can’t say it was just another day. It was exciting for me. I got asked that question just recently, and I don’t know if it’s a fault or if its good, but I’m always thinking about the next thing. It’s usually at the end of it that I look back and say, ‘yeah that was pretty special’, but right now I’m so wrapped up in it.”

    (On how he slept and felt last night)

    “I didn’t sleep well. I was anxious. You know when you were little and it was Christmas and you’d wake up every hour, that was about what it was like.”

    (On WR Tim Carter)

    “I thought he did some good things in the spring, and I thought he stuck out a little there today, so we’ll keep our eyeball on him.”

    (On DT Hollis Thomas’s performance today)

    “Good. The thing you have to remember about Hollis is that it has been quite a few months since he’s played some football. He was not in OTAs in the spring or in an offseason program, so we’ll be smart.”

    (On what time first full pads practice is tomorrow)

    “Yes, it will be in the morning, and then in the afternoon we’ll be in shells.”

    (On the leaders of this team taking charge today)

    “There was some of that. I thought the coaches did a good job, but we have a long way to go before we really continue to identify the true leaders.”

    (On If the first practice is Christmas, what is his feeling on the first game)

    “Oh, you’ve got me on that one.”

    (On if he knows where he wants to go during practice or how he meanders during practice)

    “I’m still flying off the cuff. But if you counted it up I probably gravitated a little bit more towards the defense, I guess that’s just natural.”

    (On if practice was what he expected)

    “If you can get through injury free, you knock on wood and say that’s pretty good. And we got the things accomplished that we wanted to, so yes, it was pretty crisp.”

    Post Practice 2 – RB Steven Jackson – July 31, 2009

    (On how he felt about his first practice)

    “Yes the feeling is definitely back. I am really excited to get started this year. Glad all the rookies are here. Everyone is accounted for. And I think today went really smooth. You could tell the transition from OTAs is carrying over. There weren’t a lot of mental mistakes out there for the whole team.”

    (On the different atmosphere from last year’s camp to this year)

    “Well, first it is trying to get to know everyone. I know it has been a couple of months since all of the changes have been made. There are new faces around here. You want to get to know everyone and that’s from the locker room all the way up to the front office. And it’s definitely a different feel. Football is first around here now and everyone is committed to winning and we’re really trying to stick to not playing anyone above the team.”

    (On the Rams 2-14 record last season)

    “2-14 is definitely in the rear and we’re really looking forward to the season and what we can do with it.”

    (On training camp)

    “Camp is camp. You are just here to execute. You want to get better. You want to work on the fundamental things and both sides of the ball have new schemes so everyone wants to make sure they are mentally sharp come Seattle.”

    (On working out a few days before camp)

    “I had been on the West Coast for four or five weeks and I wanted to get acclimated to the climate again, and the time zone, and just get those nervous jitters out. It was a good thing to get on the treadmill. I tried to come late. It was about seven, eight o’clock at night and I didn’t expect anyone to be here but of course, coach is a hard worker and he caught me.”

    (On watching T Jason Smith at practice)

    “Today I really didn’t have a chance to watch him a lot. I was really kind of trying to help out with the younger backs. Make sure everyone was doing their due diligence. We have a long time. I’m going to watch him. But he’s a hard worker. He is definitely in tune with what is going on around here.”

    (On how he feels about the running backs)

    “I feel like we have a strong backfield. There is going to be some good competition for the guys that are fighting for positions on this team.”

    (On dressing out in full pads on the second day of practice)

    “First day of practice is going to be a lot of hits. I just hope everyone has their chinstraps buckled.”

    (On how he feels about taking hits during camp)

    “Definitely want to get some hits early. Get the body…wake it up. It is football time and as the season approaches, kind of back off and Week 1 comes and amp it back up.”

    (On how he feels about the West Coast style of offense)

    “Well, you just have a balance. You make sure when you throw the ball, were completing passes, protecting (QB) Marc (Bulger). When he calls some running plays…that we get 45 yards. Keep moving the chains.”

    (On what he did to keep in shape during the offseason)

    “The only thing I really did differently than I have in the past is I really approached weight training a lot more aggressive than I have in the past. The past three or four years I really focused on trying to just work conditioning make sure my lungs are strong but this year I really focused on weight lifting and making sure I am strong in the weight room.”

    (On if he feels leaner)

    “My body fat is still five percent. I don’t know. But I do feel leaner though.”

    Post – Practice 2- T Jason Smith Press Conference – July 31, 2009

    (On was he anticipating strapping on the pads when told he can finally come out to practice)

    “I was just sitting by the phone anxiously waiting for them to say “hey come over”, and at the end of the day, things got done. I’m happy I can be here with the team and take the next step, whatever coach Spagnuolo asks me to do to be a part of this team.”

    (On comparing this practice to his first OTA)

    “Well you know football is football and the end of the day you see a lot of big physical guys running around real fast and you got to be ready for it. What it is you got to be ready to sign on for.”

    (On having butterflies today)

    “When I woke up this morning I was like, “wow”, I woke up, so I was happy.”

    (On trying to get his contract done and wanting to get into camp)

    “Well obviously as offensive linemen, you want to be a part of the team. I have never done a deal before so I don’t know. But what I know is that to play football you got to be here, you can’t be at the house wanting to be a part of a team. You got to be here being a part of the team. That’s what’s were doing here at the Rams, building a team that we can go out and play in the NFL.”

    (On trying to get agent to get deal done fast)

    “Well you know that’s something that is uncontrollable. I feel kind of it is what it is. I’m a football player, I think I need to be on the field playing football.”

    (On was first practice what he anticipated)

    “It was a great first day, a lot of things went fast, some things went slow but at the end of the day I did my best that’s all I can say.”

    (On being comfortable on right side vs. the start of OTAs)

    “A lot more comfortable, as for football goes the more reps you get the better your going to be at anything. Whether its right tackle, left tackle, serving water, making sure the Gatorade is cold, or handing out towels. Whatever it is, I feel that I’m a little better at it now I have been doing it a little longer.”

    (On whose helmet he carried today)

    “I carried the usual, all five starters, offensive linemen, Mr. McMichael’s, Mr. Jackson’s, every once in a while I try to grab Bulger’s, but he wont let me. Got these big arms just wrap them up and go.”

    (On being just another rookie now that he is in camp)

    “It is what it is.”

    (On buying anything special with new contract)

    “I was thinking I would get myself a tempurdic bed, other than that I don’t have any plans. I just wake up everyday thankful for what I was just pretty much given based on the ability that I have. At the end of the day when the contract came, whatever it was, but obviously I’m just happy that I wake up everyday and go play football and get paid for it.”

    (On if he found a place to stay in St. Louis)

    “Pretty much, like I said before, I was thinking about the Holiday Inn top floor making it the penthouse.”

    (On if first dinner tab is on him)

    “I believe so.”

    (On if it was tougher when finding out that LB James Laurinaitis signed before him)

    “Obviously, me and James were in the same draft class, same representation, and when they said we got James done I said, “cool then I guess I’m next.” It is what it is. You get it done if you don’t get it done. It is what it is.

    (On if he stayed after practice with Coach Loney)

    “We were just going over some things from the day. Obviously, he saw that he was my offensive line coach. I have a great core of veteran offensive linemen; Richie Incognito shows you what it takes to be physical on the offensive line. Adam Goldberg shows me all the plays and teaching me the technique to go along with it. Jason Brown is the leader of the offensive line, he’s sharp, I mean what else could you ask for in a center? There you got a great group of guys just grabbing the rookies and just saying, “hey this is how we do it.”

    (On if he’s living the dream)

    “Pretty much, well, dreams become visions and visions become reality so at the end of the day, I guess I am.”

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    Re: Spags/S. Jackson/J. Smith Interviews - 7/31/09

    Jason Smith always says the right thing in interviews. I don't know if he learned how to conduct himself that well in college or if he was just born with that ability but it's very nice to see. I also liked the Mr. McMichael and Mr. Jackson thing.

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