Here's the deal....
Like that old song the Rams has "Lost that lovin feeling!"
The love of what really matters the most, the realization of the purpose of who we are as an football organization.
The Rams have lost their identity. Who are we? America's Team? GSOT? The Greatest Show on Turf was a team that had that Spirit that burned brightly, shot out like a comet that now has unfortunately lost itself in an infinite black hole.

We're not America's team, we're not in the 'Black Hole', we're not 'CheeseHeads', Monsters of the Midway, Purple People Eaters, The Dog Pound, Dirty Birds, G-Men, Steel Curtains or even J-E-T-S, JETS,JETS,JETS.
WE ARE RAMS! And Proud of that fact! The Rams are out of the Gateway city of Saint Louis, by way of Los Angeles, by way of Cleveland.

SAINT LOUIS is located in the great state of Missouri and rest on the Mighty Mississippi river. There on the banks of that river stands the World renowned 'Gateway Arch', which represents the gateway to the west.
Known mostly as a Baseball town, Saint Louis, has had the pleasure and honor of capturing Footballs greatest crown, The Lombardi Trophy.

Every Rams fan can agree, that the most ultimate glorious experience is the witness of your team as World Champions!

A great man once was the first to take an aircraft across the Atlantic. That man was Charles Lindberg and the name of his famous plane was the 'Spirit of St. Louis'.

Image the work and dedication that went into that craft to prepare it for the destination that it was set out for! Many crafts tried but failed until the 'Spirit of St. Louis' sucessfully completed its mission.

NOW! Is the Time for the Saint Louis Rams to put the passion and spirit back into its grounded ship.

spirit / spir-it / n. / The vital essence of man, considered divine in origin; the part of a human being characterized by personality and self-consciousness; the mind; the Holy Ghost; the creative power of God; a supernatural being; as a ghost or angel.