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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Sportsline says our D needs to step!

    Ok this is just my opinion but they are idiots. The last 2 games we played Cardinals and Titans OUR D WON THE GAME FOR US! And then sportsline says our D needs to step up and help the offense? What do you guys think of this? I think our O needs to step up and help our D

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    StRams Guest

    Re: Sportsline says our D needs to step!

    I read that too,

    Just shows that they dont watch the games, they look at a score and make a determination...

    31-27 looks like the O put up big numbers, and the Defense gave up big numbers...

    Ridiculous if you ask me.

    I dont know for sure if this is the case, but it would certainly seem that any decent sports writer, analyst would conclude that our D has kept us in all three games and won two for us by merely watching tape of the games instead of just looking at a box score.

    Actually it sounds more like they didnt watch the game, looked at a box score...made a conclusion based upon the fact that we are 'known for our O..and that our D has been struggling the last few years" and based the ranking and comment on that. I wish I could do so little at my job and get away with it.

    Unless they are merely refering to the secondary...which isnt horrible if you ask me..suspect maybe, but not horrible especially with a bend but dont break mentality.

    who knows!

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    Re: Sportsline says our D needs to step!

    Yeah, that comment landed Prisco near the top of my Media Glower Rankings. What a bozo.

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    Re: Sportsline says our D needs to step!

    Although I'm extremely happy about the overall play of our defense, I'll reserve judgement until after the Giant game.

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    Re: Sportsline says our D needs to step!

    I agree they need to reverse their call. O not D.

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    talkstoangels61 Guest

    Re: Sportsline says our D needs to step!

    The next 3 games will tell us more,IMPO the Giants game isnt really enough to tell!...........It's almost like we are still the reigning champs! Everyone is getting up to play us!


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