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    Talking Squished the Fish...

    1st off, about Fletch...Who sez he's undersized?? He didn't look too undersized when he was all over Dyer. He put a whoopin' on that guy! Dyer was holding him sumptin' fierce to start the thing. Had 2 fistsfuls of jersey.

    Young & Lewis are both starters, IMO...Talk about depth! :cool:

    And that Polley lad, made some awesome plays & that boy can HIT

    This 'D' is really coming together Smith, Haluchak, Kollar & Ron Meeks are doing a superb job.....Elite? Not quite yet, but......

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    got a ways to go yet but you are right.

    Speed and wanting to play are 2 things that were missing from last years defense.

    I think when we get our D fully healthy we should see a big difference.

    I will reserve jugment until after the run of giants, jets and saints

    If we get through those 3 with wins and sound defense ..... it is SuperBowl baby

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