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The thing that would absolutely kill me is if the Rams finally cut him and another team gives him a chance, and he finally stays healthy and becomes the player we think he can become. I know at times you have to know when to fold em, but I'm terrible at poker and will ride a hopeless bluff all the way to being "all in", and then ride it all the way to out of chips. I don't play poker anymore.
lol god that would drive me crazy. We waited on Laurent Robinson to get healthy for years and as soon, I mean as soon, as he leaves us he stays healthy and has a great year.

I really think we have to keep DX just because of his potential. I would keep

Steve Smith
Danny Amendola
Great Salas
Danario Alexander
Chris Givens
Brian Quick

Gibson always looks great in practice then is mediocre on gameday and Pettis has never impressed me at all.