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Thread: Stan, Demoff and the long term plans.

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    Stan, Demoff and the long term plans.

    I considered this to be an interesting view and thought I'd share it. Thoughts??

    From another Rams forum
    Posted by SOKA

    I'm not sure that people understand how the organization is structured and what they have been doing since 09.

    Chip and Stan set out to completely restructure the organizational philosophies and set up parameters. Yes, Stan was involved in all of this and it's the long term plan. Here are some of the parameters I have come to know and/or understand.

    Mission number one.. Get rid of the backloaded contracts! They couldn't help but to backload some contracts by a year or two due to all the dead money created by the JZ contracts. By 2013/14 almost every contract will be straight up or front loaded. This leaves flexibility to trade, cut or release any player at any time and allows your system to run smoother.

    The JZ dead money made them push money back while trying to pay as much on big contracts as early as they can making the salaries of Long, Smith, Bradford etc. cheaper in the latter years of their contracts.. It's the ripple effect.

    So they ran it tight right in 09, 10, 11 and plan to in 12 to get through the ripple effect faster.

    Then come all these injuries and people are saying "BD needs to get bodies in here like yesterday".. And they are correct, problem is that he doesn't have a bunch of money left. If he signs a guy without doing a ton of homework mentally, medically etc. then it could turn into a bigger disaster.

    If they were 10m under the cap, sure, sign as many as you can to fill the roster and practice squad then weed them out.. Who cares. The GM will have that luxury in 2013.. No GM would have that luxury right now, because Demoff is carrying out long term plans.

    BD wants to sign all kinds of guys and is probably thinking, big deal, back load a few contracts and we could do this a lot quicker. Problem is, Stan won't allow anyone to become bigger than the Rams long term plan.

    That is the only Smart thing the Lions did.. They never allowed Millen to leverage their future like Georgia allowed JZ to do.

    TB went through this(Not as bad) and Demoff was the guy that did it.. Gruden would get (upset) that they wouldn't go sign guys to win now! And in all fairness, it's not his job to worry about the cap and future cap. It's his job to win.

    The problem is that most are only looking at the Bucs from 09.. Demoff started working there in 05 and they had already started shedding the dollars prior to that.

    You can't make trades, wheel and deal without the cap being managed properly and the contracts being backloaded.

    And you can't walk in and fix a backloaded cap situation in a couple years.. More like five to seven years. The Rams probably had 40 to 60m in dead money between 09 and 10. Bulger alone was 12m!

    Look at what they have really done in free agency.. Other than Brown and Mikell they have signed guys to one year deals or deals that are inexpensive if they need to be cut. They are short term deals to help them reach their long term goals.

    Other than when the Niners got busted in the late nineties circumventing the cap, nobody in the NFL took over a bigger mess than Demoff did.

    These guys don't need to blame the past regime, Stan and Demoff are well aware of what happened and how long it was going to take to get us there.

    After 2013 is over you will not hear about the Rams and cap issues anymore. That way anyone that comes in as a new GM, HC etc. knows exactly what the parameters are.. The organization will not allow anyone to put themselves before the teams future. No more desperate JZ's trying to save their own skin... It just won't be allowed!

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    Re: Stan, Demoff and the long term plans.

    To those of you the last couple of weeks that say that the whole FO is horrible and have had since 2009 to fix this you need to read this and understand it. If you dont' understand it, re-read it over again.. if you still don't PM me and I will explain and even bust out my crayons to help if you'd like. If that don't work please don't post your filth on here so I have to read such things that decry things you won't understand. I'm impressed with this guy's post. I wonder if it is a secret account fo either Stan or Kevin!
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    Re: Stan, Demoff and the long term plans.

    I think that before you can post anything on this forum you should be redirected to this article for some 'required reading'. Must scroll to bottom and click 'accept' before accessing ClanRam.

    Mods ... ?
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    If a team won their division seven straight times, that would be a NFL record. Now add on that team did it with seven different QB's in seven straight years,that record is unbeatable. To do that feat, you must of had a great Defense. Jack Youngblood was the captain of that defense.

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    Re: Stan, Demoff and the long term plans.

    After reading this thread the mystery is finally clearing up for me. The NFL is three things: business, business, and business. One thing it isn't is a Madden video game. For all the wannabe GM's out here in ClanRam Land, I hope this gives you room to pause. We best sit back and wait; this is going to take a while.

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    Re: Stan, Demoff and the long term plans.

    Makes since to me, Rams just had a bad break this year. I don't think any team could come back from these injuries. I'm interested in seeing how they finish off the season.

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    Re: Stan, Demoff and the long term plans.

    still doesn't explain why we cant score a TD

    It's Jim not Chris

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