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    Start against Washington isn't just Ryan's hope

    By Jim Thomas and Kathleen Nelson
    Monday, Nov. 28 2005

    Ryan Fitzpatrick's professional debut was one for the ages. You can look it up.
    In the 85-year history of the National Football League, his 310 yards passing
    was the third-highest total for a player in his debut game.

    Nonetheless, interim head coach Joe Vitt was determined not to tip his hand on
    who would start at quarterback this week against Washington.

    "I'm not here to discuss that right now," Vitt said Monday. "We'll wait and

    Given Fitzpatrick's performance, doesn't that figure greatly into the equation
    in deciding who starts against Washington?

    "What did I just say to you?" Vitt lectured a reporter. "We're not going to
    talk about that now."

    Vitt may want to keep the Redskins guessing for strategic purposes. But this is
    one bluff that isn't going to work. Rest assured, the Redskins are poring over
    all 30 passes Fitzpatrick threw Sunday against the Houston Texans, not to
    mention his three scrambles for 23 yards and the five plays in which he was

    They're probably going over the 32 passes he threw for St. Louis in the
    preseason, too. They might even be going over that now-famous game against
    Dartmouth, when Fitzpatrick rallied Harvard from a 21-point deficit to victory
    in his first college start.

    With apologies to Jamie Martin and Jeff Smoker, there may be a riot at the
    Edward Jones Dome if anyone but Fitzpatrick starts Sunday against Washington.

    Martin left Sunday's game in Houston with blurred vision after absorbing a blow
    to the head by blitzing safety Glenn Earl. There was some concern that Martin
    might have retina damage. But Martin's vision had cleared by Monday, when a
    medical examination found no vision problems.

    Fitzpatrick made his NFL debut in the second quarter following Martin's injury.
    Some of the Texans weren't expecting much.

    "I didn't expect him to complete any of his passes," Houston linebacker Antwan
    Peek said. "He came in and was on target. He did a good job as a rookie."

    Peek can be forgiven for his initial skepticism. Fitzpatrick, after all, was
    chosen late in the seventh round. As the 250th player taken in the 2005 draft,
    Fitzpatrick was just five spots removed from status as "Mr. Irrelevant" - the
    last player chosen in the draft.

    But when Peek called Fitzpatrick's effort "a good job," he was way off. It was
    much better than "good." Only two rookie quarterbacks have done better:

    Hall of Famer Otto Graham threw for 346 yards in his NFL debut for the
    Cleveland Browns on Sept. 16, 1950 against Philadelphia. But Graham was a
    rookie in name only. He had spent the previous four seasons leading the Browns
    to four consecutive league championships in the old All-America Football

    During the 1987 strike season, replacement quarterback Ed Rubbert threw for 334
    yards in a game Oct. 4 against the visiting St. Louis Cardinals. Rubbert, a
    rookie from Louisville, had been released by the Redskins during the preseason.
    Washington defeated the Big Red 28-21 even though the Cardinals played with 11
    veterans who crossed the picket line to play in the game. The Redskins' roster
    that day didn't include a single member of the NFL Players Association.

    Next on the list comes Fitzpatrick's 310 yards among rookie NFL quarterbacks in
    their first game.

    Only two other players in league history have thrown for 300 yards in their
    debut: Mark Rypien, with 303 yards for Washington in 1988; and Peyton Manning,
    with 302 yards for Indianapolis in 1998.

    That's pretty good company. But Vitt said no one at Rams Park was surprised by
    what Fitzpatrick did in Houston.

    "Mike (Martz) said this in training camp: Mike said this was the best young
    (quarterback) prospect that he's ever had," Vitt said. "That's a big statement
    coming from Mike Martz."

    When Martin went down, Vitt said the Rams didn't pare down their offense for
    Fitzpatrick against the Texans.

    Not surprisingly, Martz called Vitt on Monday, and according to Vitt, "was all
    excited. He really was. Very proud. A proud father, you know?"

    During his tenure as Rams head coach, Martz repeatedly has told backup players
    to think of themselves as starters and prepare as starters, because you never
    know when your number's going to be called. Fitzpatrick, obviously, heeded
    those words.

    "Fitz is a smart guy," Vitt said. "I think you need more than a valid fishing
    license to get into Harvard. He takes his job very, very seriously and studies
    hard and prepares well. Most times, good things happen."

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: Start against Washington isn't just Ryan's hope

    Even if Washington practices solely for Ryan Fitzpatrick it still makes it easier to deal with Martin. IMO.

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    bruce_wannabe Guest

    Re: Start against Washington isn't just Ryan's hope

    martin'd horrible... the key for the game is going to be the run to pass ratio... if we can run the ball effectiveluy against the skins then it should be a good day for us

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    Rampage39 Guest

    Re: Start against Washington isn't just Ryan's hope

    there still isn't enough tape to really watch on Fitz so i think washington won't be too prepared. lets just hope harvard doesn't lead any of our receivers into sean taylor.

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    Re: Start against Washington isn't just Ryan's hope

    Quote Originally Posted by By Jim Thomas and Kathleen Nelson
    But Martin's vision had cleared by Monday, ...

    You got to love it when they state the obvious. Of course his vision had cleared ... he didn't have linemen in his face any longer ....

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    talkstoangels61 Guest

    Re: Start against Washington isn't just Ryan's hope

    I dont care who we have at QB as long as they can scramble!............You need to be able to run as a QB in today's NFL period and if any of you that don't agree with me?..................Then pass me what you are smoking!


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