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View Poll Results: Which guy in the starting lineup deserves some "heat"?

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  • Marc Bulger

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  • Steven Jackson

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  • Richie Incognito

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  • Joel Klopfenstein

    2 7.41%
  • Brandon Chillar

    1 3.70%
  • Travis Fisher

    23 85.19%
  • Other (name below)

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    Re: Which starter deserves the most "heat" from fans?

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Waller View Post
    Not thrilled about putting too much "heat" on a starter, especially a defensive player, three weeks into the season. Stuff like injuries have a lot to do with how guys perform, so it often isn't fair. It's hard to judge linemen because you often don't know the assignments, and who messed up or got beat.

    Can you judge a RB or QB where they get no blocking protection? I don't think so. Football is a team game, so pointing fingers, especially now, seems like a waste and a real concerted effort to keep looking for the negative.

    Besides why start ripping a player when there is no one better for sure they can play. That kind of stuff seems better fit into post season talk, when replacements can be had.

    Now, as far as who might be pushed for his job on the roster the most, which is more a positive commentary, where it is the result of the strength of the backup corps, I would say that it's only amatter of time before Travis Fisher is supplanted by 1st rounder Tye Hill.

    That's not unexpected at all, with Fisher a free agent after this season. Hill alreday comes in at CB in the nickel, with Fisher moving inside to nickel back. That will make it an easy transition when Hill is ready to be the #1 guy all the time, with Fisher still in on the nickel in the same spot he is in now.
    I don't disagree with anything you've said there, Barry. Fans like to vent, though, so sometimes a poll is a good way for people to do it. Beats having "cut Travis Fisher" threads, like I've seen on other boards.

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    Re: Which starter deserves the most "heat" from fans?

    My vote is for Jerametrius Butler and Ron Bartell. They need to ratchet it up and get into the game.

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