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    Starting OLB's vs. David Vobora. Should Vobora be a starter?

    Should he guys?

    David Vobora is a bit underrated IMO. He isn't a superstar by any means, and he still has a lot of room for improvement, but his career alone has been admirable.

    To be the last pick of an NFL Draft, and then working his way into the starting line-up? I think he has got some potential.

    He plays the run well, and has pretty good awareness against the pass too.

    So the question is, is Diggs really that much better than Vobora? And is Larry Grant better than Vobora?

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    Re: Starting OLB's vs. David Vobora. Should Vobora be a starter?

    Diggs is currently better than Vobora because of his experience at the position. However, Vobora is a potential go-to-guy for the future and I haven't seen much of Grant's play but if they're both as good, then I'd keep both of them for rotational purposes.

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