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    It starts like it ended.

    I don't care to hear anymore horse**** about injured players and new schemes and all that happy horse****. This Team is not hitting on any cylinders. Infact the engine is still in the box. Oh it's just pre-season, oh we're injured , oh JACKASSson wasn't there. This team and alot of fans have nothing but excuses for a poor team that isn't gonna do better than 5-11.This game just proved to me that this team hasn't advanced in a few years, and add this year to the few. Infact after this year it becomes many, not a few.i will be a Ram Fan for life , but Pleeeeeeeeeease i know it's only a pre-season game ,but holy dead beats of the play yard Batman,I can't sit here and see anything good at this point. but I know Football is here and every week I'll say "The Rams are gonna kick ass" while everyone kicks me in the ass for being so out of my F$%^$%g head. And i love every minute of it. Whether they stink or not, And I'm gonna say what I feel ,i'm ready for the beer and the tears.................just hope we're not in another 10 yr slump. OH GOD not the 90's I need to go get a new hat. And a JACKASSson Jersey.

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    Re: It starts like it ended.

    Jack@$$son!!! LOL!!!! LMFAO!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!:smug|:king:

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    Re: It starts like it ended.

    jacka$$-son.....ha ha. I like it. too funny!

    Steven Jacka$$.

    I like your post. I feel the same way. I will grab my beer and will watch the Rams for the next 10 years, but based on what I've seen so far this year, it's the same old same old around here, and I'm preparing for a repeat of the 90's again.

    Just to reiterate, here's how the thinking process went back in the 90's:

    "Maybe if some of our rookies work out, and some of our second/third year players come into their own, we could win 9 games and grab a wild-card spot." Remember those days? They're here again.

    It's what every fan of a mediocre team hopes. That's all we got.

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    theodus69 Guest

    Re: It starts like it ended.

    I'm deathly afraid this is gonna be a "LONG" year.I hope he makes some highlight reels.he may be our only highlight.

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    btimsah Guest

    Re: It starts like it ended.

    I'm more worried about the defense. The offensive line could easily improve.

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