What does this guy have to do?

Okay, he's not perfect.. He is very young and he is still learning a complicated offense. We do have some long in the tooth up front on the O-line that just don't get it done any longer.

But, I see posts on here about Marshall Faulk having a good day (today, versus N.O.) and Faulk should be used even more. I just don't think this jives with reality.

Jackson had more yards in 1 run than Faulk did the ENTIRE GAME COMBINED.

Jackson had 116 total yards, 2 TDs, Longest play: 43 yards

Faulk had 37 total yards. 0 TDs, Longest play: 11 yards.

I think some on here have a false sense of how good Marshall Faulk is OR are over critical of Steven Jackson.

To me, there's no doubt who's more powerful, more explosive, or more of a big play guy at this point in their careers.