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    Steven Jackson Leads Rams Captain Group

    By Howard Balzer
    While Sam Bradford arguably is becoming the face of the Rams' franchise, running back Steven Jackson still represents the work ethic that sets a standard for the organization.
    So it was, that when the Rams revealed their captains for the 2011 season Thursday, Jackson is the one on offense that was voted on by his teammates and coaches.
    "It's an honor to be voted captain of this team," Jackson said. "I wear it with pride and hopefully I can continue to do so and continue to show these guys the way."
    Joining Jackson are defensive end James Hall and kicker Josh Brown.
    Said coach Steve Spagnuolo, when asked specifically about Hall, "James Hall has been doing a lot of good things for a long time with a number of different teams. I think he's earned the respect of his teammates and his peers here. The three guys that were voted in the three phases, Josh Brown, Steven Jackson, and James Hall were all voted by their teammates and coaches and that's a great statement about those three guys."
    Hall, who said the only other time in his career that he was voted a captain was in his final season with the Detroit Lions (2007), added, "It's a great honor and tremendous responsibility."
    However, the one responsibility hall wants no part of it is calling heads or tails for the opening coin toss.
    "I won't be doing that," he said. "I've had some bad luck in the past. I'll leave that to Steven or Josh."
    Jackson has high hopes for the team this season, and he had an interesting perspective in a piece he wrote on his website,
    "I set goals for myself each and every year. I believe that each person should be goal-oriented and should seek to accomplish things that they dream of.
    "Putting those things on paper makes it more of a reality, something that you're working to achieve. So I definitely do still do that.
    "This year my goals are very team-oriented though. Years previous, it was different because I would always put down a number that I wanted to rush for and a number of touchdowns I wanted to score.
    "This year I'm taking a different approach. I want to play at a Pro Bowl level and use my own individual ability to catapult us into a playoff appearance. Ultimately, I'm looking this year to be a great leader, lead my team to a playoff appearance and win the NFC title.
    "Guys are motivated by how close we came in 2010, especially guys that were here last year. Seeing how close we were to winning our division, going to the playoffs and hosting a game against the New Orleans Saints, that catapulted us into the offseason. It motivated every guy to come out this year and work to advance ourselves from a 7-9 team.
    "Coming from 1-15 to 7-9, we've definitely made some great strides. Now it's time to win those games that maybe we were too young, or not experienced enough in winning, to close out last year. We had a lot of close games last year and we should be able to win those games now.
    "My goals are very team oriented because I recognize that I am a leader of this team. I set things out for this group of 53 men to achieve as a group, rather than just myself as an individual.
    "As a vet you definitely you have to set the example day-in and day-out, show the younger guys how you practice, how you prepare yourself at this level and how you learn a new offense.
    "Just the daily grind, mentally and physically, you have to show them that. They're trying to adjust from a college season to a National Football League season and we've all been there as players."
    Jackson is now at a place in his career where winning is paramount. He hears the whispers from some national analysts that he is a descending player at the age of 28 and doesn't believe it for a second.
    He knows some day down the line, the mantle of leadership will be passed on to Bradford, and he remembers the days playing behind an ever-changing offensive line that made it difficult to establish any offensive continuity.
    Said Jackson, "It's good to see Sam be more vocal, more (in) control of the offense. I'm pretty sure it does a lot for his confidence to have a coach believing, that him being such a young player, that he can take on the responsibility."
    As for line, he said, "I believe we have some good things and some big things in store. Those guys have had an impressive preseason. Once again I'll go back to us only being in this offense for such a short amount of time and the way everyone has picked up on their jobs and have looked so fluid, I'm just really excited about seeing what we do as we go further along into the season."

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    Re: Steven Jackson Leads Rams Captain Group

    I'm hoping we rotate the three backs to keep their legs fresh and the defense on it's heels with the different speeds.
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    Re: Steven Jackson Leads Rams Captain Group

    I like that this young squad respects what SJ has come to mean to this team & appreciates the example he sets. A less mature & committed vet ( see Jones, Thomas) who still played well would not have got the vote over the easy choice in Sam. Not that Sam's character hasn't been at least as important to his success as his football talent,imo, but the kid has enough on his plate & will have to assert his leadership by virtue of the position he plays in any case.

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