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    Still excited

    Let me first say sorry for some of the snippy comments I have directed at some of the complainers. I forgot one of my favorite cliches, "You have the right to state your opinion, and I have the right not to listen."

    Having said that I am still excited about this season. The loss to the Eagles stung, as any loss does, but I was still a little encouraged at the way we did hang tough against one of the best teams in the league.

    We have good depth at running back, something we have been sorely lacking for the last several years.

    Regardless of what people think I thought our defense did a reasonably decent job trying to hold up an elite offense. We did not get completely run over as some other teams did. We kept it competitive for quite a while, and in fact if you take back the interception TD that game was really close.

    The offense showed flashes, just not consistent. And the drops were, and are, infuriating! Rookie nerves can be blamed for a couple of the drops, but the others were really inexcusable. Maybe you can't make every play, but you should make the easy plays. You are wide open, no one near you, the ball hits you in the hands, you CATCH it! Just like in practice. But again, the running game looked pretty sound, the O line held up reasonably against a really good blitzing defense. Get rid of the ball a little faster and catch some of those drops and we would have made the Eagles pay a little more dearly for those blitzes.

    Special teams did just fine, and seems to be the most stable part of the team right now. (Hate saying that, but at least it needs the least amount of work)

    So if the receivers start catching passes instead of dropping them, I think we should be in good shape over all. But the next seven weeks are going to be rough as hell.

    Maybe I should take a sabbatical from here until it is over, so I can avoid all the gnashing of teeth, and ranting and raving. :-)
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