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    celtic_ram Guest

    Still Love My Rams

    :lid: Well it's been some time now and I guess I can talk about my Rams without using swear words.I don't know what team the NEP played but it was not the Rams, not at least the ones I've been watching all season.I say this without taking anything away from the Pats defense, but we have got some of fastest recievers in the NFL and our O line been right there all season(s)...."The better team did not win"!!! just maybe the better coached team did.Can't wait for the season opener, true blue & gold celtic_ram:lid:

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    True Rams...

    Very good point Celtic_Ram. In a "poetic" way, if you will, the 2001 Rams were not at SB XXXVI.

    Yes, the N.E. Patriots deserved to win -- hey!, they hung in there the entire season! Brady is good but definitely not a Kurt Warner. They don't have a Faulk, Bruce, Holt or Proehl. They lack the strength of a Rams offensive line along with its TEs. And I'm not talking about "superstars" here. It's a matter of POWER.

    The Pats certainly have a good overall team ...but they sure don't possess the spark of an impressive, outstanding, surprising D like the one the Rams produced this year! Rams are just too much POWER.

    What a promise, what a hope we have in the NFL to look forward to... knowing that this Rams team will remain largely the same for the new season.

    The true Rams will be there, stronger and wiser. No "upsets."

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    I am still devastated by the loss,but I will always love the Rams.I think that is why the loss hurt so bad.It was a big letdown after one of the greatest Ram seasons ever.I think everyone(even the fans that hate us)know the Rams should have won that game.Oh well,we will be back with a fury next season.GO RAMS!!!

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    28rulz Guest
    I am over the SB but I just can't wait till next year. We will have, as said earlier, largely the same team and I am ready NOW. I definately think we will be better next year.I am just watching and waiting to hear about next season.

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    Marcovizgo Guest

    Of course I still in love with my Rams

    Hey, we're still being Rams on victory or defeat.

    Too bad they gave the Pat's the chance to win. You really feel how much you love your team when it loses a championship game. The real fans will be in pain while the others will go and support another team, Don't you agree?

    I'm dying for the new season to start!!!

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    Thumbs up ˇBienvenido Marcovizgo!...

    Welcome to the ClanRam -- it's great to see you here! :cool:

    It's also great to know you will support the Rams in good times or bad times, come what may. You're right, that's what true fans are all about.
    Again, congratulations on joining the ClanRam Warriors! :shield:

    :lid: Go RAMS!
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    Mr.Blond Guest

    Thumbs up

    Your're absolutely right Marcovizgo, and let me second Jorge's comments, welcome aboard! GO RAMS BABY YEAH! :lid:

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    Marcovizgo Guest

    Re: ˇBienvenido Marcovizgo!...

    Jorge, Mr. Blonde and all the other members of the Clan:

    I thank you for the welcome messages as new member of ClanRam.

    It's glad to find that there are many fans all around the world.

    I will try to be an active member of the clan because I'm sure here I will find a lot of new friends, ready to comment about our loved team.

    By the way, Happy Valentines to everyone :shield: !!


    Marco Antonio Vizcaino
    Qro, Mx.

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