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Thread: Still very optimistic

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    Still very optimistic

    yes we lost today, didn't convert in the red zone but overall I'm still very happy with our progress this year.

    I don't think anyone expected a playoff contender this year but Bradford, our receiving corps and defense have been very solid. What's great is that our needs fit the draft class/free agent class very well next year. We could address both our line issues and receiving corps issues and be a legit contender next year.

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    Re: Still very optimistic

    What makes this loss not painful at all is that the Whiners are getting dominated by the G-men

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    Re: Still very optimistic

    I agree with flip. I am very disappointed in the loss as the Rams fought hard and outgained the Dolphins. However, our 3 divisional rivals are currently trailing. If they all lose, I will feel better in that we will still be ahead of the Seahawks, and only a game behind the Cards and Niners (while still having a 2-0 divisional record). I know a lot of people have talked about looking forward for next year, but I really believe this team can still make a playoff run this year as well. Here's to hoping our divisional buddies lose today

    EDIT: Wowwwww it looks like the Seahawks got huge help just now from a pass interference. Jeeze. Having to root for the Patrios against the Seahawks. Probably my 2 least favorite teams :/
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    Re: Still very optimistic

    I think the biggest factor in the game was the wind. IMO we should have won that game. Little mistakes here and there are what lost it for us.

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    Re: Still very optimistic

    Definitely optimistic. We are 3-3! Last year at this time we were 0-6!

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    Still very optimistic

    Ar what point guys in this season do we as fans say the hell with mediocrity and being close in ballgame a week in and week out!? We by all purposes should have won yesterday and should have won week 1 against Detroit. We have 3 games against teams with superior rosters point blank, we cannot let games go where the game is in our reach!!

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    Re: Still very optimistic

    This is a matter of perspective and whether you look at the glass as half empty or half full. On the plus side, we're 3-3, have shown tremendous improvement in many areas, have a quality head coach and are playing competitive football. On the negative side, you need to win games vs. teams you should beat. Yesterday, we failed to do that- and being there and seeing it in person stings. I'm hardly in the mood to care about what the Cardinals and Niners did. We need to take care of our own business, and yesterday we missed a golden opportunity to seal our first road win and beat a team that really isn't all that good. Disappointing- although it doesn't make me lose sight of how far we've come in a year.
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