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    Stinkin' incompetent ------ officiating!

    You guys are getting hosed. It's so bad I can't finish watching the game. The clock that wouldn't stop, the hanky that stayed in the pocket for what was an egregious OPI, and others that I can't recall at the moment because I'm so upset I can't think straight.

    I've had it with the NFL. I'll always be a fan of my team, but the league can take a hike. I can understand that the new commish might want to take a year before making drastic changes, but if Mike Perierra still has his job next year, I'll give up. Only in the most blatant examples will he admit his precious refs might have made a mistake, other than that it's the status-quo tapdance -- nothing will ever change while he's the head of officiating.

    They need to hire refs full time, make all plays reviewable, put two refs in the replay booth, and hold refs accountable, financially accountable, for their mistakes (that clock fiasco should result in the officiating crew getting fined -- but that won't happen). And I'm sure there are other things that can be done to improve the situation, those are just off the top of my head.

    Because until it happens, games like this will haunt us all.

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    Re: Stinkin' incompetent %*$#& officiating!

    The Rams would probably not win this game, but the officials are making this score happen. Ridiculous. It is hard to watch. Obviously the Bears are good story telling this year. Yak....

    Thanks for stopping by BlueTalon

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    Re: Stinkin' incompetent %*$#& officiating!

    I agree. The officiating in recent years really **EERRKKS** me off. I'm really sick of watching poorly officiated games. It's unacceptable and I think heads need to roll.
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    Re: Stinkin' incompetent %*$#& officiating!

    Nothing will change as long as Mike Perierra is around. He's a joke and nobody has the courage to tell him so.

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    Re: Stinkin' incompetent %*$#& officiating!

    Yea we caught alot of tough breaks this game, but coudln't catch the ball, block anyone, or stop anyone so that changes it.

    But thanks for seeing what we are/have been seeing last few games.

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    Re: Stinkin' incompetent %*$#& officiating!

    Pass interference on Berrian anyone? Pulling Hill down, but Hill lifts his elbow, and half a play later it's a touchdown. How about all those missed block in the back calls. Maybe I'm just looking for an excuse, but the calls change the emotion of the game.

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    Re: Stinkin' incompetent %*$#& officiating!

    The officiating was definitely questionable but thankfully it didn't affect the outcome of the game. We just looked like a lesser team out there. That being said, I thought Hester's 2nd return should have definitely been called back for holding.

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    Re: Stinkin' incompetent %*$#& officiating!

    Two things out of this game. 1. Barron needs to be traded. He's horrible.
    2. The New Orlean Saints are going to win it all. Mark my words.
    3. And yes these refs are horrible.


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