Jim Thomas reports from Rams Park on 1380...

No details yet ... other than the Rams have talked to him.

Howard Balzer just updated on 1380: Hargrove spoke to Linehan. Said
his no-show was due to a "personal matter." Hargrove told the coach he
wasn't hurt, he wasn't arrested, etc. Hargrove and Linehan will meet

I say this sincerely: it is good to hear that the man is alive.

But there is NO EXCUSE for not calling the coach.


Hargrove is telling the Rams that he's got some personal issues -- most assuredly much of this is centered around a relationship problem... and some other family things.... the pressure is pretty bad right now, and he's depressed and unable to cope... this is what he told the head coach.

So now what?

Dick Vermeil lost credibility in the locker room in 1998 when Tony Banks went AWOL after a game in Miami -- and DV started him the very next game at home against the Niners.... (and Banks was AWFUL, replaced early by Steve Bono).

I don't thinl Linehan should cut the kid -- but sitting him out a game seems about right to me. You just can't stay home and not call anyone and cause a disruption like this. Hargrove has a responsibility to his employers -- and his teammates / friends.


He's an immature kid.
He has a good heart -- but he's like a puppy. Still naive.
He likes to go out -- active on the club scene.
This doesn't mean he's got questionable character or anything like that.
I'm just giving you the lowdown.