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    Sunday Evening--Wagoner

    Sunday, September 25, 2005

    - Boy, I wish the Rams would play a game that has an exciting finish. These past few games have been so boring that one could almost fall asleep watching them.

    - Kidding aside, it was an adventurous and strange day at the Edward Jones Dome. During the course of the game, I flashed back to about three different games. At the beginning it looked like the Rams-***** game from week one where one team dominated the boxscore, but the score was still close. Then it looked like the Buffalo-Tennessee game and the Music City Miracle controversy all over again on the lateral play. Then, of course, the Titans' last ditch effort brought on memories of Super Bowl XXXIV. What a weird game.

    - Alex Barron. WOW. I expected him to play soon because of the struggles at right tackle, but I didn't expect him to play so well in his debut. Barron was outstanding against the Titans. On the second play of his first drive, Barron absolutely crushed Kyle Vanden Bosch. Barron's wingspan and athleticism make him almost impossible to beat off the edge and that showed today. Also,he should be commended for his effort on the fumble recovery. That 26-yard swing in field position might have made the difference in the game. Barron could have some bumpy days ahead with the likes of Michael Strahan and Dwight Freeney ahead (you can bet your bottom dollar those guys will line up over Barron instead of Orlando Pace when they play). But It was important for Barron to get some game experience at home to get comfortable heading into next week.

    - Marc Bulger got off to a tough start, but he showed his toughness once again by hanging in the pocket and making plays when he needed to. He made some beautiful reads and throws to help the offense get going. Once Bulger gets comfortable and locked in, this offense is going to be dangerous.

    - It's great to see Adam Archuleta playing well. Archuleta was once one of the most exciting players in the league because of his versatility, but a back injury last year put those grand plans on hold. Archuleta is starting to look like that playmaker again and it's good to see. He is a good guy with unlimited athletic potential when healthy and that is the kind of player the Rams desperately need in the secondary right now.

    - The defensive line continued its good start. Chris Brown got some yards on them, but he didn't get much in the second half and the defense really clamped down. That started with the tightening of the screws up front. Leonard Little continutes to be a major pest from the end position and it appeared that Ryan Pickett had another disruptive day inside.

    - If Torry Holt isn't one of the best three or four receivers in the league then I don't want to know who is better.

    - Michael Hawthorne has a nice day in getting a pair of turnovers. That avalanche of turnovers hit the Titans all at once and really turned the game around. Hawthorne's ability to be around the ball a lot is a good quality to have and is more than welcome at the free safety spot.

    - Marshall Faulk looked oustanding today. Faulk filled in beautifully for Steven Jackson when Jackson left because of bruised ribs. Faulk was ripping off runs with excellent agility and showed that he still has good speed on his touchdown catch. What a luxury it is to have a future Hall of Famer and consummate professional available as your backup running back.

    - I know what the rule is on the lateral, but that had to be a hard pill to swallow for the Rams and coach Mike Martz when the challenge was not upheld. That was a sure thing to at least become three points, making it a two-possession game. Martz took the blame afterward, saying it was a bad play call, but the fact is that the Rams need to be more aware and play until they hear a whistle. It's plays like that that remind me why defensive end Anthony Hargrove is always running all over practice to come up with any ball that touches the turf.

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    Re: Sunday Evening--Wagoner

    All Great Points, The Only One I Question Is Bulger Getting In A Grove And Then The Offense Will Start To Roll, How Many Games Does A Veteran Offense Need To Brfore They Start To Click?

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    Re: Sunday Evening--Wagoner

    They need to get the O-line playing better, maybe Alex will make it start to happen.


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