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    Sunday is Last Call for 07

    When the Rams take the field on Sunday and line up against the Broke-back mountaineers, It's gonna be must-see TV. You can group Scott Linehan, Greg Oleson, Marc Bulger, the O and D lines and all the other problems and potentials into one boxed package and place them squarely on even footing opposite the Cowboy bench and watch them open up.

    But what will we see when it opens?

    Will we see evidence that coaches have been busily and desperately working on a way out of this early-season mess, or will it be more of the same futility feebly disguised as a game-day strategy.

    MEMO TO RAMS COACHING STAFF: Time to put up or shut up.

    This is where all of us in Ram-Nation and the greater football world will find out what type of leaders we have in our corner. While the early indications have been dissapointingly mommy-like. With all the estrogen-fueled play-calling for the safety of poor Bulger, I was seriously waiting for Coach to run an umbrella out to him last week when it started raining in Tampa.

    So right here and completely free of charge, I'm donating free advice for the coaching staff in an effort to help him get his man-hood back. (Yes, just like what Bobby Bouche' did for Coach Kline)

    *Throw the ball in the direction you want to go.
    Confucious say man who put woman on ground get piece on earth, so quit being one of those and feel free to call passes anywhere over the heads of the Cowboy front four.

    *Put Greg Olson up where he can actually see. Like maybe the press booth with the other grow-up signal callers. This also creates a bonus feature such as turning off the head-set when he starts crying into it or making other repetitious bone-headed moves.

    *Drive with the shiny, new and expensive cars.
    If you're that afraid of getting McMichael and Bennet dirty coach, maybe you should have them shipped to the Louvre to hang next to the Mona Lisa. They are big pigs with fat sharp horns - let ‘em go gore a freakin’ rodeo clown. This stadium will be full of them. You'll never have a better chance pal.

    * If-you-can't-block-them, put-in-a-QB-that-can-run.

    These are not deep strategies, these are me shooting from the hip at point-blank range. You want deep, go see Bernie. He always has his head up deep in ... something.

    Last week while watching the game, my wife stopped to watch for a bit.
    "Well I think it's sweet that the Coach is protecting that nice young man."

    I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my temple.

    The last time I checked, these were grown men who played hit-ball, by choice - for a very large amount of money. This is what they do - let 'em play coach. Hit them first - like they stole something, and do it in their own house. If they're still afraid to put Bulger on the line, let Gus go out there with his fresh body and shake things up in a big, big Texas way.

    The point is that the stage is set for this young coaching staff's finest hour. Their backs are to the edge of a very high cliff. Now is the time to take off the safety and shoot off these huge, high-powered guns in the right the direction. And this time take the cork out of the other end.

    This is where the coaches show they are heading in the right direction. This is the game. If they don't make the right game plan and more importantly, bring the team together with the fury of a cornered black-bear, they will lose their confidence in Linehan.

    But they can be heroes.

    I think they should select one guy ... maybe sacrifice Dominique Byrd - to run over to the Cowboy bench just before kickof and punch Terrel Owens rught upside his goofy grill, :x then run out to mid-field and stomp on the star.

    Now that's must see TV.
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    Re: Sunday is Last Call for 07

    I agree! fire away then blow some smoke off that barrel. Let the horses run free to graze in that fine Texas grass.

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    Re: Sunday is Last Call for 07

    If we lose this game, there's no chance at getting to the playoffs, so here's to the first to score 50 wins!

    Start the game as if you're down by 21, tons of downfield passing and multi wideout sets to get them out of the stock 3-4, which then will open up Leonard and the run game.

    As for the defense, smash the hell out of them. Owens is bigger then our corners so I say bring Chavous up to hit him every play, and then let the corner take over for him as he goes downfield. Have Chillar hit Witten every play too. Take those two out of the passing game and see what Romo does.

    I second having Byrd punch one of them before the game and then stomping on the star. But I say he punches out Newman to weaken their secondary or Romo so he can't see straight.

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    Re: Sunday is Last Call for 07

    When I played ball, our defensive coach picked "pigons and plays". Depending on the offensive position "the pigan" he would assign a defensive player(s) to that pigon. He would have studied the offenses favorite plays and creat a defense so the offense would run that play.

    Sure enough, the offense did as he wished, and sure enough the pigon would get plugged. It was a simple strategy, that come Hell or high water, a LB, FS, or whatever was going to blowup that WR, RB, or TE and in a lot of cases even if he didnt get the ball.

    Problem with that strategy was that there where a lot of calls against the D for pass interferance, defensive holding or unneccessary roughness. Either in the 1st or 2nd quarter we would run pigon and play a lot and here and there as the game went along.

    Whitten and T.Ownes are just perfect for that concept. Whitten likes the outside and T.O. left/right middle of the field. Simply assign A near on 250+ speedy Linebacker to attact a possition where the defense has created a hole for the TE/WR to be. If timedout correctly, the ball ought to arrive at the same time the Linebacker does. At which point the Linebacker can go for the ball or the hit--perferred the hit.

    Bust both T.O and Whitten in the mouth a few times and see how aggressive they are going done the field. After a few good WHACKS I wager they would spend more time looking where the hit is coming from then looking for the ball

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