Sunday Evening
Sunday, October 9, 2005

- It's hard to even find a place to begin when looking back at this loss. There were so many missed opportunities and mistakes that I guess we can only start from the beginning.

- It was nice to see Chris Johnson make a big play to open the game. It really felt like the Rams were going to win this one after he started it off with that return. If nothing else, at least St. Louis knows it has a guy who is capable of taking it the distance on a return. The blocking on the play was superb, by the way.

- Reggie Hodges' inconsistency is maddening. Actually, inconsistent might not be the right word as of now. Hodges had his ups and downs at the beginning of the year, including a great performance against Arizona, but there have been few ups since that time. He has to figure out what the problem is and he better do so quickly because, as special teams coach Bob Ligashesky said after the game, nobody has the privilege of learning on the job in the NFL.

- Claude Terrell replacing Adam Timmerman was somewhat of a surprise considering that all signs pointed to Terrell working in on the left side. Terrell has taken snaps at both guard positions in practice, though. I don't have a feel for how he fared right now, but the coaches must have seen something they liked for him to finish the game at the spot.

- It seems this defense can't stop anyone right now. Plaxico Burress is a pretty good receiver who was made to look great last week and Joe Jurevicius is an average receiver who was made to look pretty good this week. What's going to happen when a great receiver like Marvin Harrison gets his turn at the Rams next week?

- The play of the secondary has also been a disturbing trend. The defensive back field actually played pretty well last season while the run defense struggled. But as always seems to be the case with this team, when one leak is fixed, another one springs up. I realize there have been a lot of injuries in this secondary and the group desperately misses Jerametrius Butler, but somebody has got to find a way to make plays.

- How can Terry Fair take himself out of the game citing fatigue after a three and out? Fair hasn't played a full game in a long time and is coming back from scary neck injury, but he should be well enough to go in and do his job. At the very least, he could have called fair catch and given the offense a chance to win the game. To his credit, he took the heat after the game and owned up to his mistake. Nobody on this team feels worse than Fair.

- You have to feel bad for Shaun McDonald. McDonald hasn't been the best returner in his time with the Rams, but ball protection and decision making have not been serious issues for him. He was put in a tough spot and the Seahawks made a play.

- Torry Holt was one of the few bright spots on a dreary day. Holt continues to be amazingly productive and he even did this one pretty much on one leg. Here's hoping everything is OK when Holt has his MRI tomorrow.

- One player who did make a difference on defense and had a pretty good game all things considered was Anthony Hargrove. I will need to see the game again before I can confirm, but in live action, he seemed to do OK against Walter Jones, especially against the run. Hargrove unofficially had five tackles in the game.

- The offense absolutely has to get off to a faster start. How different could some of these games be if the Rams jumped out to a big lead early like some of these other teams always do against them?

- Shaun Alexander is the real deal. He wears defenses down and is a nice weapon to have at the end of the game. Which raises the question, why didn't Mike Holmgren want to use him? The Seahawks had a chance to milk the clock away before the punt to McDonald and Alexander didn't get a single touch. In fact, Seattle went to the air three times and had a pair of incompletions, stopping the clock.