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  • 0 - 10 Not good. Bad gumbo or something

    0 0%
  • 11 - 15 Anyones ballgame

    0 0%
  • 16 - 20 Rams in a squeaker

    2 11.11%
  • 21 - 25 Ten point triumph with 2 one yard dives for #28

    8 44.44%
  • 26 - 30 Big blowout by the Rams

    4 22.22%
  • 31+ #28 walks off with both the Lombardi and MVP Trophys

    4 22.22%
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    Super Bowl Poll #4 - The Marshall Count Part Deux

    We all were pretty much correct last week thinking Marshall was going to have to carry the football more than normal. However, I don't consider the Patriots D with the same caution as I do the Eagles D.

    I still think he gets 25 touches in route to a 10 point Championship win.

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    Blankman17 Guest
    26-30 for Marshall Marshall Marshall.


    And remember #28, just raise the trophy :king:

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    Ram'nator Guest
    Marshall's goin' home - I for one think he might step it up a notch - man oh man what level exactly would that be at???

    Off the charts somewhere!!

    This is going to be a fun one to watch...

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    I voted for 16-20 before realizing the poll was for 'touches' and not 'carries'. Anyway, I think The Marshall will receive 16-20 carries in this game, as the Patriots have a tough defense up front. I'm thinking Warner will air it out most of the time, and Faulk will get many catches. I'm also looking for the Rams to use a secret weapon, which they haven't utilized in the last few games (my theory is that they're saving him for now), who goes by the name of Trung Canidate. Look out for him.


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    28rulz Guest
    I of course am very prejudicial when it comes to what 28 CAN do,but I put him in the middle because as we all saw last game, he worked hard which means they gonna be lookin for my boy..he'll have to let the others play...Ok OK they all worked hard....Sweeeeet Victory is comin to St.Louie

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    I reckon Faulk will get his 20-25 touches in this game but I 'm sure it will be in CATCHES, more than carrying the ball....I too think Warner will air it out, seeing that they had such success throwing the ball last time!!!! once they got the protection sorted out.

    FAULK will be wide open espcially if EXRAM Phifer is covering him!!!

    :evil: GO 28

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    DaddoRam Guest
    Faulk caught a lot in the last SB but didn't have much rushing yards. I bet this game we see at least 100 yards rushing for Marshall...AND a couple of good long pass plays.

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    PerthshireRam Guest
    He is the Daddy! Big time plays, big time player!

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    RamtuffMC Guest
    If the Pats try to bring the blitz to put pressure on Warner (which they probably will), that will only play into Faulk's game and set him up for some big yardage. They made stopping Bettis a priority and it worked pretty well, but Faulk is a lot more dynamic and adaptive then Bettis was. So I don't think they are going to be able to contain him the way they did Bettis. And if they do make Faulk a priority, that will open up the passing game, and then we have the Greatest Show on Turf.

    OK, I'm gettin a little ansy.
    What time is it? Game Time.

    M C

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