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    PhiliPat Guest

    Pats win 20-19

    I'm glad to see that all you Rams fans are posting blowout type scores. You sound like Steeler and Raider fans. I assumed that you would have learned from their downfalls not to underestimate the level of play that the Patriots bring. The Pats are twice as good now as they were then. They won't make the same mistakes in this game. The Rams are in for a long night and a gut-wrenching 20-19 defeat. Pats win. Pats win.

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    RAMSWIN Guest
    Okay, dude. You're right.......

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    radjohns's Avatar
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    Good luck and welcome p.pat

    Admin Note ....... No smack talking in here please, just game scores thanks

    As long as the officials don't hand this game to you guys, I wish you the best. The Patriots are a good team. I too, think we are in for a gut wrenching game.

    NE brings a lot of experience, and with it composure, on the defensive side of the ball, especially in the secondary. The Rams special teams can be deleterious to our well-being, the pats special teams are strong.

    I don't have the guts to make a prediction at this time. I will watch how this week plays out. I will then make a prediciton that is not even close to the final outcome.

    Go Rams

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    Blankman17 Guest
    Nebraska South 38
    New England 17

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    DEADLY-O Guest
    Rams 31
    Pats 17 Sorry Patsies :angryram:

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    The RAMS will prevail once again. Everyone will be up for this one. The Patriots will make mistakes, but play a close one. (NOT!!!)

    Patriots 20
    Superbowl Champion RAMS 34


    Always a Rams Fan............

    Rex Allen Markel

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    mar Guest
    No contest!!!!!

    Pansies 17 :nerd:

    Rams 45:king: :shield:

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    gdive22 Guest
    Sorry Pats Fans....but you ain't playin the Steelers or Raiders!

    Rams 34

    Pats 10


    :king: :angryram:

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    Stlraminthebowl Guest


    Ok, I'm gonna get this one, I can feel it.

    Rams- 41
    Pats- 17

    Go Rams :angryram:

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    duke Guest
    Lets be scientific about this. The first time around this year we played on grass, at night in New England. That alone is worth 10-14 extra points. Second, we showed mercy and took a knee instead of running up the score, thats 7 more. Third the defense had multiple injuries and we finished that game with OJ Brigance at linebacker who we picked up that week. Sounds like at least a minus 10. We are on a roll as is New England, only we are not Pittsburgh or Oakland.

    Rams 41
    Patriots 14

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    28rulz Guest
    Rams 38

    Pansies 27

    I am only giving the Pats that much because its the SB and they will play just won't be enough!!!!

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    MaxinMO Guest

    Question Predictions

    I think it's time for a the D to pitch a shutout.

    Rams 33
    Pats 0

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    Crumbwell Guest
    Rams 51
    Pats 17


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    Warner13 Guest
    The Pats are a good team taht will play their hardest. Being from NE i am sick of hearing aobut the Pats being a better team than the rams so i cant wait till the Rams hand a defeat to the pat's.

    Rams-- 35

    Our D is just to tough for the Pats, DEFENCE wins championships!

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    radjohns's Avatar
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    close game

    I could see this game going either way. I've always like NE's DB's. If we turn it over 3 times as we did during the regular season match up I think that the pats could win. Especially if their special teams comes up big. I realize that special teams and turnovers are two things which we have improved during the playoffs. I'm still thinking about that kickoff return which got called back in the Green Bay game.

    Rams - 20

    Pats - 17

    Go rams.

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