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    Ram'nator Guest
    RAMS - 38:lid:

    PATS - 13:confused:

    By the way patynate what are those 3 guys doing in the pic you posted????

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    jetsfan Guest


    It's going to be a very interesting game.. I don't see it being a blowout.

    Baby Bill has a great defensive mind so it's going to be closer then you Ram fans think..

    don't count your chickies before they are hatched because look where the Steelers are at now.

    Don't take the P Men lightly..

    It's going to be a good game...

    May the better team win... Good Luck.

    J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    valerius Guest
    Rams 24, Pats 6 at halftime. Bledsoe starts 2nd half, throws 2 interceptions. Final Rams 45, Pats 6.

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    DaddoRam Guest
    The current record for margin of victory in a Super Bowl is held by the Red Menace, who won one 55-10. This is NOT something I want the whiners to hold.

    Rams 56, Pats 10

    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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    mrtaxi Guest
    NE PATS 13

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    ILRamfan Guest

    Exclamation Rams Set Record for Scoring in Super Bowl

    It's a Blow Out!

    Rams 63 :evilram:

    Patriots 25 (mostly field goals)

    Also I have to get this combination of numbers for the office pool!

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    mxbrian Guest


    Good luck to both teams. Rams win easy, 42-13

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    evil disco man's Avatar
    evil disco man is offline Pro Bowl Ram
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    And the score is...

    After waiting, thinking, and pondering if I should put in a score (as I despise predicting scores but am an ace at it), I decided to be quiet for the week. There have been 34 total predictions on this thread, with the Rams gaining a total of 1,278 points in their favor and the Patriots receiving (a generous) 505 points. I've come to think (with all-due respect to Patriots fans, my best friend being one of them) that this will be a blowout, unless Belichick comes up with some wacky new defense to beat the Rams. To give in to both sides of me (I'm not a schizophrenic and neither am I) I decided to put in a score, but it won't be from my own head; rather, your own. This is the average score prediction, with the scores being rounded up one point each due to decimals.

    :king: Rams 38

    :confused: Patriots 15


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    RamtuffMC Guest
    Hey, if NE is really that good, then why isn't Brady the one eatin New England clam chowder on the Cambpell's commercials instead of Warner?

    Okay, I'm just kiddin.

    Seriously, I like the Pats. I routed for them all year (well, except for one game that I can think of), I even think Brady might be the next Warner in the making.

    But, I do think this second meeting will be different. Sure the Pats are a much better team than they were at the first meeting, but so are the Rams. Add in:
    1) The game is not in New England
    2) It is on turf
    3) It is in the Superdome (and we all know what Faulk can do there!

    Final Score:

    Rams 31:king:
    Pats 17

    M C

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    ramsownall Guest
    s 31

    Pats 21



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    jetsfan Guest


    I told you guys, you see i told you.

    don't take the P-Men lightly..

    you all were predicting a blow-out, you see !!!!!!!

    so much for the greatest show on Turf :upset:

    The Pats Win the Pats Win

    from 48 yards it's up and it's goooooooooooood

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    Ram Fan 1967-94 Guest
    Oh, was this one beautiful! You guys all sounded like "Bob Swerski's All-stars" sittin' around predictin' DA BEARS! "OK, Rams vs. the entire German Army in World War 2, tanks and all..." "Rams 173, Germans 0. " DA RAMS!

    Doesn't history tellyou anything? 1999 NFC Championship: Rams 11, Bucs 6; Super Bowl Rams 24, Titans 17. Last year New Orleans gets 'em.. the offense can be figured out, especially by someone like Bill Bellyache. And I missed seeing Georgia too.. awwww.... LOS ANGELES Rams forever!

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