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    Superbowl Top 20 Conspiracy

    Can anyone tell me how Superbowl 34 is ranked so low? I believe 19th. How can a stop at the 1 yd line by a great defensive play to end the game be less dramatic than a field goal to win the game as in the #2 ranked Superbowl that beat us in Superbowl 36, which I will take to my grave was the NFL's gift of Patriotism after 911. Who picks these things anyway, idiots?

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    Re: Superbowl Top 20 Conspiracy

    I think its greatest SB teams not games.

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    Re: Superbowl Top 20 Conspiracy

    I still haven't seen SB 36 replayed again, nor do I want to. I know NFL network was supposed to air the game in it's entirety.


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