How would you like to support ClanRam and win a Rams' jersey for as little as $10.00?

Here's how...

We are going to do a trivia raffle here at ClanRam. To participate, click the donate button and, for every $10.00 you donate, you will receive a ticket (PM me and let me know how many "tickets" you have purchased).

"Tickets" will be available until November 15, 2012, or until we have raised at least $150.00 (whichever is later).

Once the time has expired, we will randomly select a ticket and give the holder a chance to answer a Rams trivia question. If the ticket holder correctly answers the question within 24 hours, he or she will win a brand new Rams jersey (player and size depending on availability at the NFL Shop).

If the question is not answered correctly within the 24 hour period, we'll select a new ticket and repeat the process until we have a winner!

So buy your tickets now!!!